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Content Management System

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With important cost-savings and business efficiencies. Our systems will allow you to maintain and update your website without the requirement and cost associated with using a web development team..

The main benefits of our Web Content Management System, CMS Pro are as follows:

  • Manage Multiple Users with the User Manager - Add / edit / delete users and grant access permissions

  • Delegate the responsibility of content application to those producing it be it within your organisation or external partners - This is achieved by a Multi user editing facility with page locks and publishing rights to save conflict between users

  • Easily find and edit your site pages with File Manager or Browser Mode showing the page as it will be seen on site - Full in built search engine searching on keyword / phrase and also filename/directory via Admin offering full content editing facilities separate from the Templates so editing is kept very neat and precise.

  • Manage the look and feel of your site easily with the Template Manager - This allows assignment of templates to existing or new pages and or sections to match the rest of the site using a full WYSIWYG editor. When you edit a template the whole section changes after publication if required, offering global changes.

  • Keep control of site content publication with Publication Manager - This ensures that nothing gets published without the Administrator's say so

  • Ensure the site is search engine friendly by editing Keywords & Descriptions - Global and or individual assignment per page

  • Keep it professional with SureLinks - Full broken link reporting after editing and saving ensuring visitors do not get 'page not found' errors

  • Have the flexibility to adapt and evolve - The CMS can be tailored to incorporate your exact requirements now and in the future

  • Obtain more business - By maximising visibility within Search Engines by exact control over Keywords and Meta Tags

  • Support when you need it - With comprehensive online Help & Assistance coupled with telephone support when required

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