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Take CASH Online

September 2008

With 10 million consumers in the UK not owning a credit card and 30% of retail sales conducted in cash we will soon be offering a way to take cash online!

In conjuction with one of our online payment solution providers PayPoint.net (who purchased SECPay back in February), the concept is that if someone wants to purchase from your website but do not have a credit card or bank account then they can do so with cash!

The way it work is that the consumer places the order on your website and has the option to print out a coupon with a barcode. They then goe to a local PayPoint payment terminal e.g. Post Office, Local shop or Garage and deposit their payment and you as the site owner are then notified of the payment so the goods can be shipped. There are nearly 20000 Pay Point terminals in the UK & Ireland and your are probably familiar with the Paypoint logo below.

PayPoint is the UK's and Ireland's leading cash and internet payments company, handling over 4 billion in payments annually. The PayPoint branded retail network numbers nearly 20000 terminals located in local shops in all parts of the UK and Ireland as well as 1850 'LINK'-branded machines also typically in convenience stores.

If you would like to know how to apply this facility to your website, contact us Here [ http://www.sur.co.uk/enquiry.html ]

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