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Podcasting Hints and Tips For Success

March 2007

If you are thinking about taking the dive into podcasting, here are some tips you'll want to keep in mind -courtesy of

Make It Professional

Regardless of whether you are podcasting from your garage or a corporate boardroom there is no reason that your podcast cannot have a professional sound and feel. Use software to edit the audio file and filter background noise. Listeners will not tolerate poor audio quality. With the wide range of relatively inexpensive software and hardware available there is no reason you cannot provide good quality audio podcast.


Provide listeners a transcript or detailed show notes in the description of the podcast feed. This will help prospective listeners locate your podcast using ... If you do not wish to transcribe the entire podcast be sure to provide detailed show notes and links to products mentioned in the podcast.

Don't Skimp On Bandwidth

There is nothing worse than building a large listening audience and being unable to handle the bandwidth loads. Use a reliable web host that can handle your shows bandwidth. Bandwidth and accessibility is critical to a podcast's success.

Now is the time to dive into the podcasting market. The whole platform is beginning to experience a rarified second wind, and over the next few years there will be significant advertising dollars at stake for those who establish a presence within the market. If you want a piece of the ad pie, strike now while the iron is still hot. 

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