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Software as a Service, SaaS

May 2006

The Software market is experiencing a major evolution.  The on-site models of yesterday are being replaced by Software as a Service, SaaS solutions.  SaaS solutions are delivered on-demand as fully managed services. SaaS appears high on many analysts' top 10 trends lists for 2006 and beyond with Gartner predicting that by 2010 30% of new software will be delivered via the SaaS model.

SaaS is so appealing due to the flexibility it gives customers and the ability to access business functions remotely as a service with usage based pricing rather than a large upfront capital outlay plus the associated risk.  It is initially most prevalent in HR and payroll, CRM and Financial Markets.

Our solutions are perfectly aligned to SaaS solutions.  We work with a number of partners who provide SaaS solutions - from CRM to project and event management systems.  The partner benefits from a hosting model that is as flexible as their SaaS solution and equally scalable in line with customers needs.

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