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Newsletter April/May 2003 Issue No 31

Dear #first_name#, this edition looks at:

  • Products & Services - Check out what drives our most successful sites!
  • Search engine news - Search Engines get smarter! 
  • IT/Internet legal issues - E-mail best practice
  • Latest virus news - Beware the SARS virus!
  • Fast Fact - Search Engines are number one choice!
  • Services, updates & upgrades - This section is for existing clients only
  • Other useful Software - This section is for existing clients only

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  • Products & Services - Check out what drives our most successful sites!

These are a few comments of customers using our new Content Management System

Mike Easton of Just America says "The convenience and cost saving of CMS means I can make additions at no charge and this encourages me to offer products I would not have offered in the past. I can even make the changes via my laptop while I am travelling, sitting in the departure lounge or hotel room. For a control freak like me, CMS is a dream come true!"

Richard Grace of Gordon Yates recruitment says "It's proving to be a
well designed, easy to use system and we're looking forward to using it to keep our
web presence fresh and current from now on"

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  • Search engine news - Search Engines get smarter!

Search Engine companies are constantly trying to out do each other. Ask Jeeves and Yahoo have recently introduced some new features:

Ask Jeeves can provide several new types of result depending on the nature of your query.
You will see additional features, for example a picture search function, using an image base of about 200 million images, provided by Picsearch. 

  • Intuitive Picture and News Search: You can now search for pictures and news directly from the homepage. Just specify that you are looking for an "image", "picture", "photos" or "news". 
  • Smart Answers: For popular subjects such as driving directions, acronyms/abbreviations, movie times and more. 
  • Spell Check: Check your spelling and have it corrected for you.
  • Related Searches: Ask Jeeves offers smart choices with related searches and selected links to relevant web sites that allow you to refine your search or explore further.

Ensure you increase traffic to your website &

  • IT/Internet legal issues - E-mail best practice

According to Paul Rutherford, Legal Week, 06/03/2003, one irresponsible e-mail can be quickly broadcast to thousands of people and land a firm with a serious litigation claim.

Read the full article by clicking HERE

Source -

  • Latest virus news - Beware the SARS virus!

Sophos has issued a warning of a new computer worm that takes advantage of growing concern over the biological SARS virus.

Read the full article by clicking HERE

Brought to you in conjunction with Sophos Anti Virus - and QIC Systems who are a recognised reseller for Sophos Anti Virus products - Click here for a live feed

  • Fast Fact - Search engines are number one choice!

According to DoubleClick, consumers in the US predominately use search engines to research on-line shopping.


How do U.S. consumers find the Web sites they use to research a purchase?

Source: DoubleClick survey, December 2002

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  • Other useful Software

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