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Newsletter December/January 2003/4 Issue No 35

This edition looks at:

  • A look back at 2003, a look forward to 2004 - A time for contemplation!
  • Latest virus news - Check live virus info
  • Fast Facts - B2B set to explode & a new high for Internet shopping!
  • Online Marketing, Services & Software - This section is for existing clients only
    • Online Marketing - Pay Per Click (PPC) Latest & HoverAds
    • Services, updates & upgrades
    • Other useful Software

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  • A look back at 2003, a look forward to 2004 - A time for contemplation!

In similar fashion to last year, Sure Communication experienced another period of steady growth, which has been mirrored in increased business for our clients with the projects we are involved with.

The new Content Management System (CMS) being adopted by most of our clients offers flexibility, which has proven beneficial on both sides. Giving you the customer the proper control of everyday content changes, thus allowing Sure Communication to concentrate on developing the CMS further while also adding complementary online tools to allow maximum return on investment. This coupled with additional online marketing services and recommendations of such have culminated in success across the board, confirmed by our 95% client retention rate.

Thoughts will be turning to development and promotional strategies for the coming year and we have a few considerations for you in this and future Newsletters. 2003 was a dramatic year for everyone involved in Internet & importantly online marketing. There were major industry changes in Search Engine Optimisation (Web Positioning), Internet marketing software, Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising, Affiliate Marketing... just about everything related to selling products and services online.

And online business continues to grow...

In the offline world, trends may come and go, but the formats stay pretty much the same: print, radio, and TV. But on the Internet, new technology and software seem to spawn new ad
formats all the time. And although this rapid-fire development cycle can be rewarding for those in the know, it has fallen into a predictable pattern.

A catchy new format comes out that gets dynamite results... Within a few years, everyone is using it... And soon, the ads that were so eye-catching stop getting noticed.

For example, in the early days of the Internet, people were excited about banner ads, which got high enough click-through rates to make them useful for just about anyone. But in 2004,
you'll need a very good banner ad just to break even with the cost of running it, let alone make a profit. Think about it: People are so used to seeing banners across the top of a web page that most of the time, they hardly even notice them!

If we have learned one thing about online advertising, it's that you can't escape this cycle. The only decision you can make is whether you're going to follow the pack... or STAY AHEAD
OF IT. Our clients will be kept informed of emerging techniques well in advance via our client only section of these regular newsletters, so keep watching this space closely.

During 2003 broadband has matured with availability to 80% of the UK set to be 90% by the end of 2004. This allows you as the web site owner to embrace rich media but careful application is key. See a working example of this Here

Also in 2003 GPRS & the resurgence of WAP have allowed the mobile user much more freedom but we are expecting 3G to begin making its mark seriously during 2004, being the closest the remote user will have to the mobile equivalent of broadband. 

Regular readers will notice that we have changed the format in this edition but this is to include the above summary. We will be reverting back to the original format including the usual updates on Legal Issues and Online Marketing in the next and future editions. The section for our existing clients remains unchanged and continues to contain the latest information on PPC and hot new online tools to help maximise ROI. We have also included a 10 second survey in this edition which we hope you will use, as it will assist us with important research feedback and correct development of future online services. The subject in this edition is SPAM Email and how we intend to develop a system that will work effectively against it but be customised for your use. Please respond, as the feedback will assist us in our development, which you will ultimately benefit from.

On this note, we have continued to invest in our systems and people for the longer term and the support we receive from our clients is testament to this, for which we thank you for. Here's to a Happy, Healthy & Prosperous 2004 to all!

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  • Latest virus news - Check live virus info

Brought to you in conjunction with Sophos Anti Virus - Click Here for live info on the latest viruses and hoaxes or go to

If you use a computer whether it be standalone or on a network, you need to protect your system! Good protection is achieved by having a security policy, which incorporates regular Operating System updates, deploying Anti Virus software and installing a Firewall.

OS updates can be obtained from Microsoft at and affordable Anti Virus and firewall software/hardware is available from various suppliers so there really are no excuses for being caught out. 

Please be certain you take the necessary steps to ensure against infection.

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  • Fast Facts - B2B set to explode & a new high for Internet shopping!

Online business-to-business transactions (B2B) are poised to escalate, according to data from Forrester Research. The firm projects that the European Union's (EU) online trade will surge from the 2001 figure of €77 billion to €2.2 trillion in 2006 — increasing from less than 1 percent of total business trade to 22 percent.

Internet shopping in the UK has reached a new all-time high in the run up to Christmas. A report by IMRG, the industry body for global e-retailing, shows spending on online shopping in November was 44% higher than 12 months ago. It estimates that during the month UK Internet shoppers spent £1.175 billion – 7% of all retail sales.

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  • Online Marketing

  • Services, updates & upgrades 

  • Other useful Software

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