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Newsletter Oct/Nov 2004 Issue 40S

This edition looks at:

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  • Web Utilities you should not be without - New developments!

We are pleased to announce the upgrade of our Mail Manager which will now allow subscribers to edit their profile online offering a more personal experience which will help increase response rates. 

We are also pleased to announce the extension of our CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system allowing our clients access to information about projects being undertaken from the initial brief through to invoicing. There is more detail about this in our client section of this Newsletter but the main benefits here are that all information used by us to manage projects for clients will be available online. Information such as the initial project brief, being able to check on current progress such as the various stages of development, through to sign off and Invoicing will all be accessible online.    

More interactivity has also been added to our popular online demonstration centre with the addition of interactive tours so you can sit back and let us demonstrate how you, your company and/or organisation may benefit from the products and services we have to offer. See an example Here

Sample the latest online products & services driving the success of the web projects Sure Communication are involved with, by clicking Here

  • Search Engine News - Using Pay Per Click Campaigns Optimally

There’s plenty of talk about Pay Per Click advertising, but what does it mean and how can you use it effectively?


It’s enables your site to come up in a top position for certain keywords, on the main search engines. Sounds good? Yes, but there is a pitfall, you have to pay top dollar for that position, every time a user clicks through to your site and in a competitive market that can prove very expensive.


One of the best ways to start out with PPC is to go slowly, test the waters with a few of your best thought out ads and keyword phrases.


Monitor what kind of returns it brings you by using Overture first, then include Google AdWords to reach more of the market.


Any site worth its salt can use PPC to its advantage. Click fraud and high per click costs make it less profitable, but a return on investment can be had, and combining this with a thorough Web Positioning campaign, organic traffic can be gained too. That's the beauty of the web business.


Increase quality traffic to your website and blow away the competition &

  • Latest Virus News - Check live virus info here

Ensure you keep up to speed with the necessary updates right here! 

Brought to you in conjunction with Sophos Anti Virus - Click Here for live info on the latest viruses and hoaxes or go to

If you use a computer whether it be standalone or on a network, you need to protect your system! Good protection is achieved by having a security policy which incorporates regular Operating System updates, deploying Anti Virus software and installing a Firewall.

OS updates can be obtained from Microsoft at and affordable Anti Virus and firewall software/hardware is available from various suppliers so there really are no excuses for being caught out. 

Please be certain you take the necessary steps to ensure against compromising your network.

Read more Here

  • Fast Fact - Top six sectors for open rates of marketing emails

Evidence suggests that legitimate email marketers are doing well. Opt-in consumers are trusting legitimate senders of email over and above the SPAM they are getting.

Signup rates have fallen dramatically since the EU Opt-In policy was adopted but this was inevitable. As you will see from the Stats below, one travel client had an open rate of over 100% which means that some recipients opened emails more than once or forwarded them on. 

Source: IPT emailBureau Quarterly email report June-Aug 2004

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