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Newsletter December 2001 / January 2002 Issue No 23


This edition looks at:

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Following a roller coaster ride and ultimately the demise of a number of high profile Dot Com companies, 2001 was another successful year for Sure Communication as we continue to operate in what is still to some, an unconventional medium but one now being widely embraced by banks, businesses, schools and Government alike.

What is most important is that conventional business rules still apply on the web just as they do elsewhere.

Our main wish for 2002 is that we hope and expect to see an acceptable and affordable Broadband service available to ANYONE who requires it, as this will truly release the full potential of the web for services such as large document transfer, video conferencing and the swift delivery of video/music.     

Taking a look back over the past year, we have below a shortlist of the key services introduced to make your online presence more profitable:


Web Positioning - Paid for performance search engine positioning i.e. Type in 'business web site design" in and you will see us at the top of the list!

Interactive - i.e. Make an impact with rich media/content to make a lasting impression. See & the Interactive Business Card

Online Tools 

Statistician - Web Traffic Analyser i.e. See exactly how many visitors you are receiving, where they are coming from and what they are looking at

Advanced Publishing System (APS) - i.e. Modify your site when you want to and as often as you wish with this content management system

NetCall 800 - Web Telephony i.e. Instant communication via telephone while a visitor may have a query when just about to place an order

Mail Manager (MM) - i.e. Build an opt-in email list, see it grow automatically when linked to your website, then mail them personally in seconds with this powerful online mail management system which links to any website

Interstitial Window - i.e. Popup your sales message for instant attention


New for 2002! 

Do you get fed up completing online forms? You can bet your site visitors do! Try completing our enquiry form to see the difference a postcode makes!

If you would like to know more about how this can be applied to your site, just include such requests within the form.


These days, the free site submissions to search engines which we have always achieved good results with in the past, are not now as effective as they used to be. Most of the search engines and directories are now charging for listings in an effort to survive i.e. Excite fell by the wayside just before Christmas. MSN & Yahoo are also offering Pay Per Click and annual subscriptions. 

See also


In August, the DTI issued a consultation paper regarding the implementation of the E-commerce Directive in the United Kingdom. Read more here

This section, with information on the latest online legal issues, is kindly provided by Thomas Lowry (Head of IT Law) at Robbins Olivey Solicitors, Southern House, Guildford Road, Woking Surrey GU22 7UY. Web: e-mail:


2001 has seen some damaging viruses doing the rounds - Keep up to date with information about the latest viruses and how to combat them? Brought to you in conjunction with Sophos Anti Virus - Click here for a live feed and QIC Systems who are a recognised reseller for the Sophos Anti Virus products


Permission-based email marketing will be a winner in 2002. The response rates to opt-in email campaigns are significantly higher than other online ad media. The cost per acquisition is also significantly lower. Turnaround time is faster and results can be accurately tracked.

Expect more companies to move their offline direct mailings online. This is already happening with some companies after September 11.

Unfortunately, expect Spam to increase. Spam filters are going to be more aggressive. Monitor your own mailings to ensure that your legitimate mailings are not being unjustly filtered out.


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