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Newsletter Aug/Sep 2005 Issue 45S

This edition looks at:

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  • Web Utilities you should not be without - 'Spam Filter Blocker' is the solution to your Spam problem!

We are pleased to announce the 'official' launch of a system which definitively deals with the menace of SPAM email and the problems associated with it. 'Spam Filter Blocker' has been developed by ourselves in conjunction with our customers over the past 18 months. With minimal time required to setup and manage, coupled with a FREE trial, why not take a test drive?

Our system is very easy to use & maintain and is based on a permission only address book. This is a list of email addresses which you are happy to receive email from, such as colleagues, and friends or family.

Any email received which is not on the allowed list is automatically notified that their mail has been quarantined until they confirm who they are. This cuts out all automatically generated SPAM, as the 'robots' which produce most SPAM mail cannot respond to such requests. Those who are not in your 'permitted' list and subsequently sign up, only have to do so one time and if you do not wish to receive email from a sender who has added themselves to your address book you can block them completely.

Coupled with Web based email and an Auto responder, we can release you from the drudgery of sifting your email and allow you access to it from just about anywhere!

• Did you know on average it takes at least 10 minutes a day per email user to deal with the menace of unwanted SPAM email!
• That is a staggering working week per year!
• A shocking whole month if you are an IT administrator of a larger network!
• Collect your filtered email using Outlook, Outlook Express, Netscape/Mozilla or from anywhere via our secure browser based webmail system.

• Save time and money with more efficient email handling
• Reduce vulnerability to Virus's and other malicious forms of attack
• Access your email from anywhere online using a normal web browser or a WAP phone.
• With automated sign up if someone is not on your allowed list they can add themselves easily and quickly thus saving you time in managing the list manually.
• Customisable Autoresponder replies to email with a pre-defined message when you are away.
• Accurate tracking is available via logs of email received, blocked, or sent an invite (ticket) to join your allowed list or sent an Autoresponder message.
• No software install is necessary as access to the system can be from anywhere via the Web.
• Address Book Management allows manual adding, removing or permanent blocking of email addresses.
• Continue to receive email in the normal way, e.g. via Outlook, Outlook Express or Netscape/Mozilla and still run this system.

As you would expect, we use this system extensively ourselves but dont just take our word for it. Click the link below or visit to see comments from existing users and try it for yourself.  

Click Here for a

  • Search Engine News - Google shake up?

More signs are coming that Google is about increase its index size, as well as more chatter about a major update overall, at least in terms of link counts and counts of pages spotted by those on search forums. Some may remember the last 'Google Dance' where many sites lost good rankings.

Make sure your site is listed among them - Find out how Here

  • Latest Virus News - Check live virus info here

Ensure you keep up to speed with the necessary updates right here! 

Brought to you in conjunction with Sophos Anti Virus - Click Here for live info on the latest viruses and hoaxes or go to

If you use a computer whether it be standalone or on a network, you need to protect your system! Good protection is achieved by having a security policy which incorporates regular Operating System updates, deploying Anti Virus software and installing a Firewall.

OS updates can be obtained from Microsoft at and affordable Anti Virus and firewall software/hardware is available from various suppliers so there really are no excuses for being caught out. 

Please ensure you take the necessary steps to ensure against compromising your network.

Read more Here

  • Fast Fact - EBay continues to be the UK's most popular website

Online auctioneer eBay continues to be the most popular UK web site, with almost half of web users visiting the online destination each month, according to new figures.

The research, from internet monitoring firm Nielsen/Netratings, found that 10.9 million internet users visited the site in July 2005, an increase of 30% compared to the same month last year. However, Google still attracted the most number of hits, with 16m individual users visiting its site in July. eBay's UK site is also number one for pages viewed in the UK, beating Google, MSN, Yahoo and the BBC, according to Nielsen/Netratings.

58% of eBay's visitors are aged 35 and over and around 20% are deemed "heavy users", the report found. Women accounted for 43% of eBay's UK visitors, compared to 48% of female web users in total.

 Source: Nielsen/Netratings

  • FREE & Other useful Software 

We have selected the best FREE and other useful online software. 

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