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Newsletter Dec/Jan 2008/09 Issue 65

Dear #first_name#, this edition looks at:

 A look back at 2008, a look forward to 2009 

 Search Engine News -  The UK search market is expected to continue to grow 

 Latest Virus News - Check live virus info here

 Fast Fact - Britons spend 28% of their free time online   

 FREE & Other useful Software

 Online Marketing, Services & Software - This section is for existing clients only

 Online Marketing  

 Services, Updates & Upgrades

2008 proved to be the year of financial meltdown turning to economic crisis, leaving us staring recession in the face and of course the media made sure we all knew about it blow by blow!

So, amongst all this doom and gloom comes opportunity and I am pleased to report that many of our clients experienced record levels of business via their website. Our hosted services were as reliable as ever with server uptime at 100% with site downtime at a minimum, being when we were undertaking scheduled maintenance.

To kick things off we have a summary of what are great online marketing techniques including information that can help double your online conversions!
Read the online marketing section below (clients only). Hot News

The web systems we provide are relied upon by our customers for ordering sports cars, insurance, telephony services, publications and luxury goods to name a few and once again we are supremely confident with the infrastructure we have in place. If you are looking for a company to trust your online business with then look no further!

To recap on some of the trends and figures referred to last year, it is interesting to note that there has been a general amplification of what we highlighted in 2007 and we believe this is set to continue, namely:

  • As at 30th June 2008 there were 1.46 Billion Web users worldwide, up nearly 20% on the previous year.
  • states there were 41.8 million total Internet users in the UK (68.6% of the population) up from 40 million.
  • Rich media such as Video is booming as advertising via this medium continues to grow, helped by faster broadband speeds (Up To 50 Mbps) now becoming available in the UK.
  • Mobile web is maturing but remains restricted to being really effective in bigger cities. 
  • Search marketing continues its growth with local search offering more relevant results. 
  • Blogging and Video particularly via social networking sites continued to explode in 2008 with relatively low production & distribution costs.
  • IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) continues to develop confirmed with the runaway success of the BBC iPlayer
  • Social networks continue to be big for dating, making friends, professional networking and sharing interests and still revenue generation continues to evade the marketers of these sites.
  • Email continues to suffer declining conversion rates due to ISP's and businesses trying to combat the menace of SPAM
  • Affiliate Marketing, Web Positioning (Search Engine Optimisation) & PPC (Pay Per Click) continues to be a key part of the marketing mix as the web continues to attract increased marketing spend which is expected to be more apparent in the economic downturn. More emphasis will also be put on measurement of effectiveness as businesses seek more bang for their buck! 

So, amid the doom & gloom, things are looking good for digital media in 2009 and in preparation, many of our existing clients have taken up our extended support and hosting options, which includes large bandwidth allocation, particularly useful for video and Web Casts.

I hope you enjoy this newsletter and we very much look forward to working with you in the coming 12 months, so here's wishing you a Happy, Healthy & Prosperous 2009.


David Morgan

David Morgan (Managing Director)

Don't put your business at risk with inferior hosting & support! If you do not receive this level of service and proactive support from your existing web developers then you need to talk to us FREE on 0800 074 8575 or contact us Here [ ]

  Search Engine News - The UK search market is expected to continue to grow  

The UK search market remains buoyant and is expected to continue to grow albeit slower than previous years due to financial constraints. A tougher economic environment also means there will be more analysis of results to maximise effectiveness of campaigns.

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 Latest Virus News - Check live virus info here

Ensure you keep up to speed with the necessary updates right here! 

Brought to you in conjunction with Sophos Anti Virus - Click Here [ ] for live info on the latest viruses and hoaxes or go to

If you use a computer whether it be standalone or on a network, you need to protect your system! Good protection is achieved by having a security policy which incorporates regular Operating System updates, deploying Anti Virus software and installing a Firewall.

OS updates can be obtained from Microsoft at and affordable Anti Virus and firewall software/hardware is available from various suppliers so there really are no excuses for being caught out. 

Please ensure you take the necessary steps to ensure against compromising your network.

Read more Here [ ]

 Fast Fact - Britons spend 28% of their free time online

According to an international poll of 27,500 internet users (including around 2,500 Britons) has revealed we spend 28% of our spare time surfing the web.

Read more Here []

Source:TNS/ Which 


 FREE & Other useful Software

We have selected the best FREE and other useful online software. 

Featured this time round is Jing which is FREE software that adds visuals to your online conversations. For further info/download click Here []

For further info/download please click Here []

Members Only - The following section of our Newsletter is not published on our website and is for existing clients only. If you are not an existing client but would like a full copy please click Here [ ] to request such.

Online Marketing

Hot News - Add video and promote your site in the video search engines as well as the conventional search engines such as YouTubeTubemogul for example, and you will reap the rewards.

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Hot News - Increase Click-throughs To Your Website By 30%

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Source: The Internet Marketing Centre [ ]

Hot News - An opportunity to exploit trademarks via Google Adwords??

PPC via Google Adwords has presented an opportunity to exploit trademarked terms previously not permitted by Google!

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Hot News - User reviews a 'must' for etailers

New research from the e-tailing group has reinforced the importance of user reviews for etailers, with 98% of shoppers reading reviews before making a purchase.

Read more Here [ ]

Hot News - Add PayPal & Google checkout payment options to your site to double conversions!!

Based on the ecommerce sites we currently host, we have experienced an incredible doubling in online orders when adding Google Checkout & PayPal payment options alongside typical credit card options such as SECPay. 

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Hot News - Link building Trial

We are currently applying an additional Search Engine Optimisation technique known as one way direct link advertising or 'off page SEO'. Basically the concept is to increase traffic via direct links from busy sites related to your industry which also has the benefit of improving general search engine ranking.

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Podcasting Hints & Tips for Success 

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Pay Per Call

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 Read more Here [ ]

Web Positioning - A good return on investment when compared to PPC

We first announced the launch of Pay-Per-Click services four years ago (see Newsletter Issue 24), offering a real competitive advantage for the early adopters. With many of the big boys now on the bandwagon pushing bidding prices through the roof, Search Engine Optimisation services such as that of Web Positioning is giving good value longer term.

We are currently running a number of campaigns and have been for some years now so ensure you increase traffic to your website! Read more Here [ ]

Pay Per Click (PPC) Latest - Get the latest news from the three big players

Google - The latest news on Adwords.......Read more within your Google admin centre or by clicking Here [ ]

Yahoo (formally Overture) - The latest news.......Read more within your Resource Centre or find out more by clicking Here [ ]

MSN - The latest news.......Read more within your MSN admin centre or find out more by clicking Here [ ]

Ensure you increase traffic to your website, read more Here [ ]

Affiliate Marketing & Affiliate Networks

According to various reports and figures we receive, an affiliate program is the BEST way to increase your site's exposure! You can get an army of affiliates to drive qualified traffic to your site. This does require close management but the benefits seem to far outweigh the time and investment initially required.

For further information click Here [ ] and request a custom solution or visit TradeDoubler or Commission Junction for a managed Affiliate Network solution. 

 Services, Updates & Upgrades


We have experienced intermittent delays in email delivery typically by approximately 4-6hours at the beginning of the new year due to the increased amount of festive SPAM. This has been resolved and our mail servers are normally once again. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.  

WebTrends on demand - Due to a considerable increase in costs, we have now replaced the statistics/analysis software currently provided by WebTrends. This has been replaced with Google Analytics which we have been testing over the past year and are confident with the results & usability.

WebTrends can be provided if preferred so please contact us if you require WebTrends or another package.

Disaster Recovery Service - A comprehensive 'Off site' Backup and data storage is now available offering complete peace of mind, contact us to find out more. 


Latest system enhancements and modifications

CMS Pro  - Your website Content Management System

Recent NEW Additions

  •  - The File Upload facility has been modified to allow a longer filename shown in the file path display box. Also the Upload and Cancel buttons have been duplicated above the form for ease of use.

  •  - Files within the CMS Pro now have a default sort order showing the last edited at the top underneath the directory/folder listing in the File Manager.

  • Logout facility added to CMS Pro header bar. Look for the big blue door at the top of the screen!

  • Multiple Save options - look underneath the editable area for a new way of working.

  • Hexadecimal colour codes added to the Text Colour and Highlight toolbar functions. (if these are not immediately available to you they will be with a clean cache memory or reboot)

  • Image resize on upload when uploading images of .jpg, .gif or .png format.

    The latest enhancements and ongoing system modifications can be accessed via your online administration centre login or via Sure Tools  [ ] or if you would like to be upgraded to the CMS Pro please go Here [ ]

  PayPoint (online merchants only) - SECURE ONLINE PAYMENTS

Accept all major Credit and Debit cards online, securely, quickly and for just a few pence per transaction.

Read more within your admin centre or by clicking Here [ ]

 Online Help & Support

We offer a higher level of support with the use of GoToMeeting allowing us remote access to your PC, Workstation or Laptop or granting you access to our network.

This is particularly useful for online support, training and presentations. This facility will be utilised when appropriate so you can now benefit from such immediately.  Read more Here [ ]

Further support tours are being developed which show you how to get the most from the online systems we have developed on your behalf. Take a tour Here [ ]

We thank you for your continued custom.

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