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The search engine Google gained nearly four million unique audience members in May, more than any other property in the global top 25 index. This is according to the Nielsen-Netratings Global Internet Index.

Google is ranked fifth in the Top 25 Global Web properties table with a unique audience of 55.6 million for May.

Yahoo takes the top spot in the properties table with a unique audience of 115.2 million.

MSN took second place with a unique audience of 103 million, while AOL Time Warner and Microsoft took the third and fourth spots with audiences of 93.7 million and 75 million respectively.

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Both business and home software consumers need to be aware of proposed changes to the US Uniform Commercial Code. The proposed Article 2B of the Uniform Commercial Code is an effort to set forth rules for the sale and lease of software, databases and information. In the digital age this Article will be of particular importance. It is estimated that if Article 2B is passed in all 50 states or even most of them, it will be important.
The current Article 2 of the Uniform Commercial Code governs the sale of goods and services. The proposed addition would change the definition from " goods " that are "sold" and therefore subject to state consumer protection to " intangibles" that are licensed under terms and conditions which may not protect the rights of the consumer. Many people think you purchase software . This is not so. What actually occurs is that the consumer is actually licensing the use of that software from the software manufacturer under terms and conditions of use. Title to the software never passes to the user.
Under the proposed Article 2B software manufacturers could conceivably market a software product full of bugs that destroys the users data and the user could have no recourse against the software manufacturer. Naturally this has stirred up a hue and cry among consumer groups. Software manufacturers who permit downloading of their software over the Internet should carefully monitor the draft amendments to the Uniform Commercial Code. 

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RealNames, who supplied the keywords service activated in the Microsoft IE Browser have ceased normal business operations and commenced an orderly wind down of its business following the decision of Microsoft NOT to renew their contract.



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****************************************************************************************************************************** reports that almost half the UK population goes online on a daily basis.

According to a new study by the Royal Bank of Scotland, 63 percent of UK Internet users who use the Net from either work or home, go online to look for information.

Around 20 percent of people go online to send & receive emails, while 18 percent of the UK’s Internet users use the Internet to shop, and seven percent for online banking.

While shopping online is increasingly common in the UK, men are much more likely to make a purchase online than women. Around 54 percent of UK males have shopped online, compared to 43 percent of women.

The study also indicates that UK Internet users are increasingly less concerned about security risks online. Just 26 percent of respondents claimed they didn’t bank online because of security risks.

Those who expressed the biggest concern about online security were in the 45 to 64-age category.


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