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Having always taken the view of giving as much control of a web site and its content to the site owner, new developments here allow us to offer a level of control to submenu level using a simple WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) online editor.

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We recently managed the installation and maintenance of a webcam in the Pit garage (No 42), at this year's Le Mans 24 Hour endurance race on behalf of Morgan Motor Company where the racing version of the production Aero8 car was competing. The cam fed live video of the garage and pit lane back to the Morgan media centre on site, while simultaneously uploading still images to the Morgan web site every 30 seconds. The Morgan media team were also updating the site and responding to emails in real time throughout the event, which culminated in an enthralling experience for those watching the race unfold on the web from around the world.

This exercise was carried out at short notice due to potential connectivity problems thus leaving little time to publicise the facility, so an email broadcast using the opt in email system known as Mail Manager was sent out just 2 days before the event to nearly 10000 subscribers.

The result was an average unique VISITOR rate of 500 per hour during the event. This highlights the effectiveness with proper use of opt in email when combining the interactivity of a web cam. More about this highly successful event can be seen at 

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More than eight in ten American Internet users have gone to search engines to find information on the Web, according to Pew Internet and American Life Project and around one in four US Internet users, or 33 million adults in total, present queries on search engines on a typical day.

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On 13th August 2002, the US Court of Appeals affirmed a District Court decision in Promatek v. Equitrak.

Both companies made similar software and competed in the same market over the Internet. Promatek hold the US trademark for "Copitrak". Promatek products are sold under the "Copitrak" name. Equitrak listed the term "Copitrak" in a metatag. Promatek brought the court case.

The US Court of Appeals ruled that there was a likelihood of causing confusion. The Court concluded the metatag usage was against US law. Under US law, initial confusion occurs when a customer is lured to a product by the similarity of the trademark, even if the customer realises the true source of the goods before the sale is concluded. What is important is the misappropriation of Promatek's goodwill.

Using another's trademark in one's metatag is similar to putting a notice with another's trademark in front of one's shop. Customers believing they are entering the first store rather than the second one are still likely to browse before they leave the shop. The Court took the view that the same was
true of websites. Consumers who are directed to Equitrac's web page are likely to learn more about Equitrak and it's products before beginning a new search for Promatek and "Copitrak"

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Following a recent study by Nielson NetRatings during the period April - June 2002 of age 16 plus UK Internet users, nearly 30 million accessed the web from home, just under 15 million from work and nearly 10 million from elsewhere.  


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