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Paid submission to Yahoo, LookSmart and paid listings with Overture & Google are the most popular paid participation programs, each used by over 30 percent of web marketers surveyed.

Nine out of ten web users visit a search engine, portal or community site each month. They also revisit frequently, nearly five times per month.

Ensure you increase traffic to your website &


After having developed a unique software programme some companies fail to maximise the return on their investment through not licensing their programmes.

There are many types of software licenses ranging from " Blister Pack Licenses " to "End User Licenses". Licenses can have royalties paid annually or as a one off payment per release of the programme. Royalty payments allow a company to develop a programme and to recoup the development costs through software royalty payments.

Software licensing protects the programme and is used in conjunction with the copyright protection notice.

It is important that a company look at the markets into which they will be marketing their products and decide which type of software licence to use in the country or countries into which they market their software.

A trademark can be registered to protect a logo used on the software bootup screen. In some instances patents are granted in the USA to also protect software.

Further information concerning the exploitation of intellectual property rights vested in software can be obtained from Thomas Lowry.

This section, with information on the latest online legal issues, is kindly provided by Thomas Lowry -B.A., LL.B and can be contacted via Telephone:  01256-763150 Mobile: 07785-228308


Friendly Greetings or Spam? You might be spreading unwanted email.

Sophos technical support has received a significant number of calls from customers concerned about a widespread email which invites users to pick up an "E-Card" from a website called either or If users follow the link in the email, they are invited to install an application onto their computer. Two lengthy end-user license agreements (EULA) are displayed, the second of which states that by installing the application the user is giving permission to send a similar greeting card to all addresses found in the user's Outlook address book.

Of course, many users will not read the EULA with enough attention and simply give permission for the application to be installed, and thus the emails will be sent. It should be noted that this is not a virus or a worm, and that the email has no attachment. This could clog up your network and upset your regular contacts!

Hoax warnings are typically scare alerts started by malicious people - and passed on by innocent users who think they are helping by spreading the warning.

Keep up to date with Hoax Message warnings. Damage can be caused by ignoring these warnings and propagating false information, which can result in unnecessary panic and deletion of valid files which have to be recovered. Companies can eliminate the hoax problem by simply setting a strict guideline: end users must not forward virus alarms.

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New research by GartnerG2 indicates European consumers will out-spend their North American counterparts in the fourth quarter this year, purchasing $15.8 billion (10.1 billion pounds) worth of goods online against $15.7 million by shoppers across the Atlantic.

This Christmas, the European e-commerce sector will grow 75 percent from a year earlier period, while the Japanese market is expected to jump 37.7 percent to $1.9 billion, the research firm said. The North American growth rate is 32.1 percent".  


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