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Newsletter February/March 2003 Issue No 30S

Dear #first_name#, this edition looks at:

  • Products & Services - Check out what drives our most successful sites!
  • Search engine news - Top Search Engines
  • IT/Internet legal issues - Where to find e-commerce legal documents
  • Latest virus news - Once a week is not enough!
  • Fast Fact - UK's on-line shopaholics!
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  • Products & Services - Check out what drives our most successful sites!

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  • Search engine news - Top Search Engines

According to SearchEngineWatch - Nielsen//NetRatings, the chart below shows the most popular search sites in the United States, as based on audience reach for January 2003. Audience reach is the percentage of US home and work internet users estimated to have searched on each site at least once during the month through a web browser or some other "online" means.

KEY: GG=Google, YH=Yahoo, MSN=MSN, AOL=AOL, AJ=Ask Jeeves,
OVR=Overture (GoTo), IS=InfoSpace, NS=Netscape, AV=AltaVista

Be aware that some services listed may have greater reach than the chart reflects. For instance, links from Overture appear on search results pages at Yahoo, MSN and Lycos, to name only a few of Overture's partners. However, the chart only shows people who actually visited Overture itself or who visited a site "powered" by Overture, where the domain shows in the browser address window, after a search is performed. is an example of this.


Search engines are the leading way users in the United Kingdom locate web sites. 81% said
search engines helped them find sites. Following links was the next most popular method (59%) according to Forrester Research.

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  • IT/Internet legal issues - Where to find e-commerce legal documents

ClickDocs have prepared a number of legal documents for those businesses and individuals operating ecommerce or other web sites, as well as for businesses supplying web design and hosting services. These are available as individual documents, or in some cases, as part of a package of several documents.

If you are operating a commercial website, then the following documents may be relevant to you and can be purchased on-line:

Mutual Linking Agreement - for exchange of reciprocal links
Privacy Statement - to show your policy with respect to users data and privacy
Noticeboard Terms Of Use - for management of bulletin boards or discussion forums
Web Sales Agreement - terms of sale for an online shop
Website Terms of Use - general terms for access and use of a website

Check out Clickdocs here

Similar services are also provided by and (This is not a complete list and Sure Communication does not necessarily endorse any of these companies).

  • Latest virus news - Once a week is not enough!

A survey from Sophos, a global leader in anti-virus protection for businesses, has revealed that nearly half of small to medium-sized businesses* only update their anti-virus software once a week or even less regularly. This is despite the fact that the latest email and internet-aware viruses often spread around the globe within a matter of minutes and that around 150 new viruses are analysed each week. In contrast, 29 per cent of larger companies update their anti-virus software with this frequency.

"Updating your anti-virus software only once a week is like brushing your teeth only once a week - it only gives you the minimum protection and could lead to painful consequences in the future," said Graham Cluley, senior technology consultant at Sophos Anti-Virus. "Hundreds of new viruses are discovered every month and some can spread internationally in no time at all. All companies, regardless of size, should review their anti-virus policies regularly ensuring that their anti-virus products are updated frequently enough to protect their systems from new threats."

Brought to you in conjunction with Sophos Anti Virus - and QIC Systems who are a recognised reseller for Sophos Anti Virus products - Click here for a live feed

  • Fast Fact - UK's on-line shopaholics!

According to ZDNet UK, consumers in the UK and other European countries are beginning to rival Americans as the Internet's biggest shopaholics.

The annual Cyberstudy on E-commerce, conducted by research firm RoperASW and AOL Time Warner's Internet arm, said during a three-month stretch last year between August and October European shoppers spent on average about £295, per head online.

Non-American consumers are expected to kick off the next phase of Internet commerce expansion in the coming years. 45 percent of European online consumers expect to purchase more products online, according to the study, compared to 41 percent of Americans polled.

Germans are avid participants in online auctions while the French and English use the Internet to book travel reservations and items ranging from DVDs to airline tickets, the study said.

Europeans are more likely to bank online too, the study said, with 47 percent banking online versus 36 percent in the United States. Also, shopping at work continues to be a common past-time with 31 percent sneaking in some online shopping on company time.

Nearly three out of four Europeans surveyed said they regularly or occasionally use the medium to research products before making a purchase online or at a store.

Among European consumers who are reluctant to shop online, they cite credit card security concerns as the primary reason.

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