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Importers & Exporters of New & Used Trucks, Trailers, Plant & Equipment

Whatever your commercial vehicle needs, Thom Trucks Limited will be able to find the right truck for you.  They always have an extensive range of trucks available at their facility in Wellow, Hampshire. Unlike other dealers, they will not try to sell you a truck from one manufacturer, they believe that different manufacturers vehicles are suited to specific tasks

Truck Sales
They have over 30 years experience in ensuring that our customers get the commercial vehicle that is right for them.  Throughout their 30 years they have been supplying second hand trucks & construction equipment to the whole world!

Heavy Equipment Sales
When you are involved with a project that requires heavy equipment, Thom Trucks Limited Heavy Equipment are the people to talk to.  They understand how important the reliability of your equipment is and in the event of a failure they can ensure that the backup you receive is second to none. They specialise in LHD and RHD heavy haulage tractors and trailers for the construction industry.


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