Call Centre Solutions

  • High Capacity Inbound and Outbound Call Distribution
  • No capital expenditure
  • Multi-site Inbound and Outbound Voice Traffic
  • Hosted Call centre solution for cost effective and rapid deployment
  • Disaster recovery built in
  • Resilient & proven network interconnecting with BT, Cable & Wireless & Telstra
  • PCI DSS Compliant

Our Call Centre software has additional features required to operate a high capacity distributed call centre - departmental, multi-site with inbound and outbound voice traffic.

Our Call Centre solution has been designed typically for 1-150 operators over single or multiple sites and includes extensive reporting and overflow management systems. A choice of non-geographic phone numbers or integration of your existing numbers is available.

No capital expenditure
Our Call Centre software is available for businesses with any number of users and can be set up at a reasonable cost. Our Call Centre software can be designed and configured to create a distributed call centre environment without the overheads of management and the costs of ownership.

With no capital expenditure, our call centre solution is flexible enough to cater for single site and distributed call centres with 1 - 150 seats.

Distributed Call Centre
A Distributed Call Centre can consist of staff and agents in different locations and additionally include homeworkers. Agents can be connected via Landline/VoIP/ISDN or Mobile. This offers additional benefits including backup routing in the event of a problem at any given site.

We offer top class support via phone and prompt email response. We will help design your call handling flows and are on hand to assist with changes as they are required. Access to our system is via our web based administration centre and will allow you to view and make changes to the service in real time.

Call Centre Supervisor Features
Our Call Centre software offers a comprehensive suite of monitoring and reporting facilities which assist supervisors and management with decisions on changes and methodology for improved customer interfacing and call handling.

Operator monitoring
The efficiency of call handlers/operators is readily assessed via real time monitoring using our call centre software and includes options such as, hunt group and wallboards. The Call Centre Supervisor is provided with instant visual feedback of the handling of inbound calls.

Our Call Centre solution is designed for supervisors to monitor different types of activity on their phone system (queues, agents, recent calls etc.) giving a complete picture of phone usage in one convenient location.

Being a hosted solution means there is no local software to install thus rapid deployment is offered with minimal cost.

Call Queue Status
A real time queue display shows the number and duration of calls in the queue and can be made visible on a large plasma screen, or similar wall mounted monitor, to replace an old style call centre wallboard.

Call Centre Agent Status
The status of each agent is available, again updated in real time to show important call status and duration information so as to highlight individual problems or situations.

Live call monitoring is also available with subsequent call logs.


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Queue Monitor

Allows supervisors to monitor live call queue activity and to assess the handling of incoming phone calls and enquiries. Statistics are available for the number and duration of calls, time held in queue and whether calls were lost or went to voicemail.

Agent Monitor
Supervisors are able to similarly monitor the live activities of agents and staff taking calls on an individual basis with real time statistics providing an overview of user efficiency.

Live Call Monitoring
Supervisors are also able to hear live calls currently in progress by dialling in and entering the agent's ID. This allows supervisors to directly check the performance of agents and assess the handling of incoming calls.

A full set of reports on inbound and outbound call activity, including a real time 'interim invoice' on call spend and revenue.

Calls can also be distributed according to agent availability, or in order to even out workload, or a mixture of all these.

Sure Communication Call Centre Features & Benefits

  • Capability for Single Site and Distributed Call Centres with 5 - 150 seats offering flexibility & disaster recovery
  • No Capital Expenditure with monthly payment plans
  • Single Site or Distributed Call Centre
  • No software to install therefore minimal expenditure in onsite hardware
  • Real Time Monitoring offers close management either on site or remotely
  • Landline, VOIP and/or ISDN and/or Mobile Agent Stations
  • Downloadable Reports for easy management
  • Rapid deployment
  • Self build IVR capability giving autonomy
  • Online billing with options of multi level billing keeping administration costs down
  • Patchthru/Mid call transfer for additional flexibility
  • Call Recording
  • Listening in to calls (supervisor can listen in live)

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