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Web Positioning

Web Positioning - Pay Per Position SEO
Search Engine Ranking - Web Positioning! - What the search engines and directories are really doing!

As web designers and developers we are all too aware of the time and effort required to achieve a respectable listing in search engines and directories. Over the years we have achieved great results but are finding it increasingly difficult to obtain very high listings very quickly using the free submission options with the big engines and directories, which we undertake to do as part of our comprehensive hosting specification.

Did you know?

The web now has over 76 million web sites worldwide offering six billion pages of information.

75% of web surfers use search engines.

Less than 10 search engines (out of 1500) handle 95% of all requests.

Less than 20% surfers go beyond the 2nd page of a search engine search.

How does a web surfer find the right information?
How does a company make its site appear in the right place on the web?
The answer is web positioning.

Due to the massive growth in the number of web sites being submitted, popular directories such as Yahoo now appear to be ignoring free indexing for businesses. We have recently proved this to be the case with a small number of our more recent clients whose sites were not receiving traffic from Yahoo.

We utilised some of the techniques mentioned below and the result in some cases was a massive doubling of site traffic! This was achieved on average after just 3 weeks of the initial submission!

In light of this we are offering a pay per position service dedicated to this cause, details of which are as follows:

Web Positioning!
A specification, which concentrates on search engine performance, is detailed below and is highly suitable for sites whose sales and profitability depend upon being found on the web. Selling directly on the web means having to be found in the Top 10 at least.

A set of five keywords or phrases is established as the search terms under which the site is to be found.

The complete site is carefully reviewed each month and altered if necessary to maximise success for search engine submission based on the agreed keywords or phrases.

The site is submitted by hand to the top Search Engines & Directories, which are:
AltaVista, AllTheWeb, AOL, Ask, Google, Hotbot, Lycos, MSN, Netscape and Open Directory.

Yahoo accounts for over 20% of all the searches on the web and successful submission costs of £215.00 and is included in the initial fee.


The performance based on the agreed keywords/phrases is monitored monthly and shows the site's ranking on the search engines and an analysis is made. The website is then "tweaked" and resubmitted to the search engines if the ranking is not high enough or is falling.


· Pay per position - Only when the agreed search terms are ranked in the top 20, is a charge made (see costs).
· Receive submissions to UK related search engines/business directories and to industry related sites.
· Your Web presence and brand name is built and more sales are made as a direct result.
· You will receive monthly statistical reports showing details of performance.
· Paid for listings with Yahoo will be submitted.
· All submissions are made by hand to increase your chances of better results.

£565.00 set-up with £215.00 of this allocated to a Yahoo paid for listing. 

Positions are charged as follows: Position 1 £97.50, Positions 2-5 £82.50, Positions 6 - 10 £75.00 & Positions 11 - 20 £45.00

Eg: piggyinthemiddle.com set up a credit account, their search term is "childrens toys". After month 2, they are found in Google at position 3, Yahoo 2, MSN position 1 and Alta Vista position 11 under the phrase "childrens toys". Piggyinthemiddle.com only pay £180.00 (per search term) - being the 1 & 2 positions.

Introductory Offer - For the first six months we can offer this service at a capped rate of £295.00 (maximum) per month giving an excellent opportunity for a controlled fixed budget approach, no matter how many clicks you get! It allows you to try the service and experience the benefits for this introductory period. After six months your account will be reviewed and you will have the option to continue at the standard rates or another suitable capped rate may be offered based on the site performance over the initial period.

Still need more convincing? Here is the proof!

We are managing a number of campaigns for various clients, some of which have been running for some years now. You only pay for position not each click so as you will appreciate you could get hundreds of clicks but only pay once for the position. Here are some examples of campaigns we are running at the moment:

www.morgan-motor.co.uk - Morgan Motor Company are the prestigious UK sports car manufacturer who produce the hand built marque - Go to www.google.co.uk when typing in just the term 'Morgan' without punctuation marks - Morgan Motor Company are currently No 1 of the ORGANIC LISTINGS.   

www.ggf.org.uk - The Glass and Glazing Federation (GGF) is a trade association for all those who make, supply or fit flat glass, such as windows, film or plastics. This site supplies information about the Federation and glass & glazing to the general public - Go to www.google.co.uk and type in 'Glass Supplier' without the punctuation marks - GGF are currently No 1 of the ORGANIC LISTINGS.

www.penfountain.co.uk - Specialise in quality fountain pens - Go to www.google.co.uk and type in 'Fountain Pen' or 'Fountain Pens' without the punctuation marks and you will see that www.penfountain.co.uk are currently on page 1 of the ORGANIC LISTINGS.

All prices are subject to VAT.

To drive more traffic to your site, or if you require any help with this form of online marketing then contact us now FREE on 0800 074 8575 or 01483 299295 or use our Enquiry form

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