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NB. As of 1st July 2015, the communication regulator OFCOM is introducing a new regulatory change called UK Calling, you should read more here before ordering your new 08XX number.

Advertising an 0845 LOCAL RATE number will generate more calls from more prospective customers. Those customers will also perceive your organisation to be large, well established and very professional.

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 Add Voicemail @ £7.50 per month (min 12 months)

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Terms & Conditions for 0845 numbers

  1. There is no "connection fee" to be paid.
  2. There is no deposit to be paid.
  3. The fee charged covers the rental of the number for the agreed rental period.
  4. All calls to UK landline numbers will be charged at the rate of 9p per minute or part thereof.
  5. Calls to Mobile numbers are charged at 17p per minute or part thereof.
  6. Payment of this or any other sum will be taken from the credit card used at the time of first ordering the number.
  7. A VAT invoice will be sent to the email address given to cover each payment that is taken.
  8. No itemised bill will be sent at any stage.
  9. VAT invoices will be sent via email only.
  10. An option to renew the use of the number will be given before the end of the term. Only if this option is declined or goes unanswered before the renewal date will the number be disconnected.
  11. Sure Communication ( Ltd 0845 numbers can only be routed to UK land lines. They cannot re routed to mobile numbers or land lines outside of the UK.
  12. Sure Communication ( Ltd reserves the right to suspend the use of any 0845 number in the event that any sum is outstanding for more than seven days without further recourse to the client.
  13. A re-connection fee of £25 will be charged should re-connection be necessary.
  14. A re-programming fee of £25 will be charged each time the destination number needs to be altered.
  15. Any request to cancel an order must be received within 7 days of the original order.
  16. A cancellation/port away charge of £135.00 + Vat will be made to cover the administration costs and the credit card processing fees.
  17. Sure Communication ( Ltd reserves the right to cancel or reallocate numbers at its sole discretion should it have reasonable cause so to do.
  18. 0845 Numbers will be routed to the requested land line within two working days of the receipt of order.
  19. All prices exclude VAT and are subject to a minimum 12 month contract.

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