A Post-Holiday Makeover

A Post-Holiday Makeover

After the busiest online sales period of the year, perhaps you feel the need to recuperate a little with a makeover? Well, not you exactly (you always look great) but could your online presence benefit from a little timely attention?

Here’s a few things you might consider:

If you sell online, why not review the structures of your product categories, specials and discounts? E-commerce sites tend to accumulate some debris from old campaigns, category definitions that don’t account very well for recent product introductions, and obsolete or rarely-sold products that could better be deleted from the catalogue.

Are you properly optimised for the search engines? Maybe your market has changed and you should be looking at keyword densities and meta tag content for some different keywords. What are your competitors optimising on? Are all of your URLs and page titles up to scratch?

Fresh content will keep visitors (and search engines) coming back to your site. Could your site benefit from including industry news (perhaps as a blog), customer reviews or surveys?

Now is a good time to examine your site statistics. Do you know where your best (and worst) customers came from? What they bought? How they paid?

Are the graphical aspects of your site looking a little tired? Fashions change in web design as in any other artistic field.

It’s never too early for a spring-clean, and now could be just the time to make sure your site is looking, and working, at its best.