All-New Google Chromebox

All-New Google Chromebox

Google launched the subsequent model of its Chromebook mobile computer on Tuesday, boosting processor speed and doubling memory capacity in an upgrade that ultimately makes the browser-centric tote appear to be a completed product. This has been manufactured by Samsung and Google, read more…

Officially styled the Chromebook Series 5 550, the enhanced hardware is surely an impressive follow-up to last year’s Series 5 laptop. Much like the Series 5, the brand new model is manufactured by Samsung and runs Google’s lean, browser-based Chrome OS. However where the Series 5 felt such as a proof-of-concept, the Series 5 550 might actually tempt you into moving your computing work load into Google’s cloud.

Along with the completely new Chromebook, Google as well as Samsung are also releasing the very first Chromebox, a Chrome OS-based computer roughly the dimensions and form of an Apple Mac Mini. The two new Chrome Operating System devices offer similar performance, however the Chromebox – formally called the Samsung Chromebox Series 3 – requires one to bring your own keyboard, mouse as well as monitor into the table.

The brand new Chromebook includes 4GB of RAM – twice the memory payload of last year’s version. The Series 5 550 in addition features a processor push: Last year’s Intel Atom CPU has been updated to a dual-core Intel computer chip working at 1.3GHz. Storage remains at 16GB. It’s an exceptionally, very small amount, nevertheless it’s believed that Chromebook customers will be storing the vast majority of their data files in the cloud.

Samsung didn’t make very many improvements to the authentic Chromebook’s high-quality computer keyboard. The brand new model has an updated, recessed design and style, and many keys currently have squared-off tips instead of rounded corners. But, thankfully, the newest Chromebook incorporates a a great deal more sensitive trackpad. There’s also a metallic palm rest around the new track pad, it’s refined as well as slick-looking, and talks to a quality you hardly ever see cheap, commodity netbooks.

As for this, it provides internal hardware technical specs that mirror the Chromebook’s, although the processor chip speed advances from 1.3GHz to 1.9GHz. However the spot where the Chromebook delivers two USB ports, the Chromebox offers a whopping grand total of six. And the location where the Chromebook comes with just a single DisplayPort connection (suitable for HDMI, DVI and VGA), this features two DisplayPort connectors, in addition to a DVI port.

Remote access was presented late recently, and also by the time that Google’s I/O Developer conference rolls around the following month, offline document editing and storage devices should be revealed in the Chrome OS update, complete with entire Google Drive incorporation. A native viewer for Microsoft Office documents is in route at the same time.

The Google Chrome Operating System has a long way to go just before it’s all set to challenge Windows or Apple’s OS X, after all, you’ll be able to simply operate web-based browser apps on the actual program. Nonetheless, the newest desktop user interface that permits for genuine multi tasking, as well as up-dates on the roadmap, should still nudge Chrome OS toward greater importance and utility.

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