How to Work Smarter with a CRM

How to Work Smarter with a CRM

It goes without saying that every business in existence wants to be able to work more efficiently and increase sales, but how do you do that without investing a lot of time and money?

The best way to achieve these two vitals within business is to simplify production, streamline your efforts and automate processes wherever possible.
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Discovering how to work smarter can be a challenge in itself for some businesses, as researching options and software can be very time consuming taking you away from the main focus of running your business.

This is where a CRM could help you.

No matter what size of company you run a Customer Relationship Management system could be the perfect addition to your business functionality.

A Customer Relationship Management system or CRM as it’s more commonly known is a widely used tool for managing your company’s interactions with customers, clients and sales prospects. Using the CRM system allows you to organise, synchronise and automate processes which enables you to spend more time focusing on the running and development of your business.

A CRM is largely focused on helping you to boost sales activity, however it can also be used for customer service, helping you to provide technical support and the marketing of your business.

CRM’s of the past have been somewhat convoluted, however with the latest developments in software integration and a deeper understanding of how systems can complement one another to deliver better results, Sure Communication have developed a highly effective next generation Hosted CRM system.

The beauty of a hosted CRM is the flexibility within the system. You can literally access it anywhere, anytime, even from your mobile device. You can communicate with customers and colleagues even when working remotely or on the move.

Using a CRM is as simple as using the websites and software you access every day. SurCo CRM is a very intuitive system having been developed over several years and will automatically assign contact information on prospective and existing customers. Saving you the time and effort of inputting these details manually.

Using a CRM will give you live reporting and statistics such as sales and billing which can be vital information before or during a meeting, and because of the integrated systems and flexibility within the CRM you can access all the information you need, whenever you need it.

Because the system in developed in the ‘cloud’ there is no hardware or software to download nor is there costs associated with developing an in-house system. This also means that upgrades are automatically applied ensuring that you always have the latest version.

The system can be tailored to your organisation’s specific needs by integrating your CRM with your eCommerce website, accounts package, third party software or even link it up to your telephone system.

Powered by our Apache Linux MySQL (LAMP Stack) in conjunction with Rackspace – SurCo CRM is built on a FAST, scalable, proven, robust platform, with a 99.98% uptime availability

In order to evolve your business and set yourself apart from the rest, you need to provide outstanding customer service and continually improve your operations and services. Using a CRM system can help you harness your companies analytics to give you that competitive edge.

While your competitors are busy duplicating data you can quickly convert yours into a source of intelligence which helps you run your business better.

Work smarter with a CRM system.

For a free trial of SurCo’s CRM system to see how you can maximise your company’s performance please fill out our form or call one of our team on 44 (0) 1483 299295.

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