Important LinkedIn Changes

Important LinkedIn Changes

LinkedIn have been very busy making some important and much needed changes to their functionality and design.

As Linked In have 175 million users worldwide and rising, it was time that they started to implement some changes that were so desperately needed to help them compete with other popular social media platforms.

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Their main aim was to allow their users to easily find relevant information and push current information to the top of the page, which one of the top social media sites Facebook had already done.

The new LinkedIn functionality makes sure that you can access the website from their mobile devices. Over 23 percent of people across the world log in to LinkedIn whilst on the move so ease of use and quick access was an important update.

If you access LinkedIn through your iPad you will find that it speaks six different languages, which is a bonus as 60 percent of the users are based outside of the United States.

You will also receive real-time notifications when you access Linkedin through your iPhone and Android devices. This feature updates you when someone shares your content, looks at your profile and accepts your invitation.

You will now be able to filter your updates by groups and connections, making it far easier to find what you are looking for. Targeted updates enable you to post updates to selected audiences. This includes location, function, employer, seniority etc. this will allow you to target your audience with exactly the correct message bringing you better results.

Linkedin are also providing more analytics information about who has viewed your page and who the followers are, which again enables you to use this platform to make better business connections.

Linkedin company pages have also had a makeover. The look and feel of the pages are far more target driven, which means that you will be able to target your content to the relevant people. Companies will also be able to list their services and products in a better way, which you can find on the right sidebar.

Linkedin have allowed you to add an image to your page which represents your company brand, giving you the opportunity to really stand out from your competitors.

Although the actual design of the ‘company pages’ isn’t dramatically different from the older style pages it definitely is competing with the likes of Facebook and Google +.

Within the new products and services page you will now see a sidebar on the right which highlights the names, job titles, video’s, companies and profile images of the visitor’s that have recommended a product or service on your page.

Linkedin have now made it so much easier for you to be able to build powerful relationships with your audience and for the individual it is now easier for you to find exactly what you are looking for from each company that you are interested in knowing more about.

All of these updates to this social media platform are excellent additions and make using LinkedIn a must for businesses and professionals alike.