SurCo CRM the Business Management Solution

SurCo CRM the Business Management Solution

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Having been in business since 1997 and utilising the brilliance of a CRM to help us manage the operation of our business, just over two years ago we began to look into the benefits of using a web based CRM to give us greater freedom in how we accessed and managed our company data.

After some time looking into the different options of the cloud CRM’s available to us we were struggling to find one which met all our needs and had a simple to use, intuitive interface with the level of data storage we required.

This led us to the realisation that if we wanted a CRM that met all our business and operational requirements then maybe we should be developing our own. This of course made perfect sense because collectively we have over 40 years technical and development experience, and the same experience in managing our own business needs with the needs of our customers and clients.

crm business management solution

So the SurCo CRM was born! Well not quite like that; it has taken a great deal of time and development to get it to where it is now but we’re happy to say that a number of our current clients have already started using our in-house developed CRM and love the fact that it can not only be customized for their individual needs but that the interface is also intuitive saving them time and effort.

Our cloud CRM has been created so you can merge all of your operational software into one simple to use interface. Because we developed our dynamic CRM with constant and continued feedback from our clients, this has enabled us to provide a solution that meets the needs of anyone looking to give themselves an advantage.

We have avoided having to replace our office server, software and support contract saving around £10000! As well as this, our data was very fragmented but now it is all in one place and accessible securely online. With the administration burden eased, my team and I now work much more efficiently allowing us to grow the business rather than be driven by it. The decision for us was a no brainer

Charles Fletcher MD of Fletcher Kennedy Ltd – UK and Offshore Company Formation Specialists

Having your data spread across several systems can place a strain on the effective operation and development of your business. All the time that’s spent moving between systems is time that could be spent on taking positive action on your business.

We know that to run a business successfully you have to remain focused on your marketing, sales and customer service and the best way to do this is by employing a CRM to help you do the job.

When anyone chooses a CRM it’s important to look at one which can be easily implemented because your focus needs to be on your vision and strategy, not bogged down with technological jargon and system setups.

SurCo CRM has been developed so you have all you need in one place at your fingertips anytime of day, anywhere. Because we’ve developed it in the cloud you can pretty much log on and get to work on implementing your strategy within minutes.

The email handling function not only enables you to send and receive emails but also automatically saves that email to a client or supplier within the CRM which means you need only this one system for all your emails.

We’ve also built in call handling and SMS features to help you stay on track in real time and keep call logs to monitor effectiveness as well as help you produce analytical reports. We can even integrate the CRM with your telephone system which provides accurate call logging. Online billing and integration with accounts systems such as Sage is also available.

Another great feature is diary management e.g. being able to set and assign tasks for others in the organisation and is the perfect tool if you remember something while you’re out or home from work which just can’t wait; you can access the system from anywhere at anytime and even from your mobile device.

Multiple software packages, internal servers, limited data storage and costly systems are thankfully becoming a thing of the past. We now have the online CRM to help us streamline our business processes to out manoeuvre and outperform our competitors.

Our partnership with Rackspace enables us to manage millions of pounds worth of our clients data every month and we take great pride in being able to offer our clients a service in which they can trust.

Get in contact now to start your free trial and see how our CRM can help you take your business to new levels.

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