Helping Make Work Life Easier

Helping Make Work Life Easier

We like to make our clients life as stressless as possible when working with us, which is why we’ve developed ways so we can all achieve this and get on with the task at hand of running the business and making sales.
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Having a deeper understanding of a great deal of payment gateways on the market today and our own desire to simplify processes, we created an in-house Accounts Management Platform to help save us all a lot of time and effort.

Our Accounts Management Platform is secured by our payment partner and even synchronises with to save you re-entering your data time and time again helping make your work life easier.

When you take on any of our services we provide you with your own personal login to give you full account management access. This enables you to log in and view your invoices, control your direct debits and set up auto responders to remind you to make a payment and keep your account up to date.

Our sophisticated billing system can email the invoice to your chosen contact such as your finance manager or accounts coordinator, which contains a unique ‘quick link’ auto login to take you straight to the ‘make a payment’ section. This creates a quick, secure and effective payment solution helping ensure your services continue and saving you time.

You will also receive your invoices in html or pdf format to enable you to store your invoices as you wish.

Our Accounts Management Platform also includes subscription (recurring) billing, and is available to all our customers and potential customers on a POA basis (depending on the functions required). So you can operate in a similar fashion.

We are able to incorporate this online billing system with our CRM system for an even greater service level. When all systems work as one you can focus your precious time on important business tasks, rather than searching for documents, your credit card and last month’s invoice. This way you have everything you need set up in one place and using it couldn’t be faster or simpler.

Our aim with every system we set up is to always help improve processes and give you control over the way we work together.

We not only like saving you time and money but your customers too. Which is why we created the ecommerce purchasing software QuickBuy® in conjunction with PayPoint. This simple to use plug-in makes it easier for your customers to make repeat payments with just one input.

Whether you want us to help simplify the running of your business or a boost to the services you provide your clients then get in touch to find out how we can help make your working life that little bit easier.

Your organisation can also offer these benefits to your clients, so get in touch to find out how.