The New Facebook Graph Search

The New Facebook Graph Search

facebook graph searchFacebook are taking a giant leap into the search market with their soon to launch Facebook Graph Search.

What this means is users are able to find connections to places and people via Facebook that were once only reserved for friends of friends. If it’s in the Facebook ‘public’ domain then you will now find your answers in the Graph Search.

That’s around 1 billion users contributing to this, so you can expect some pretty interesting information when you are searching.

This information will only be available on Facebook and not on any search engines which will make Facebook a powerful new search tool for consumers and brands alike.

An interesting fact to point out is the graph is a representation of how Facebook connects places and people; you will not see an actual graph when you search.

Facebook will replace the old search box with a brand new box, where you can search for music friends have liked, restaurants enjoyed by friends, friend’s photos and games played by friends to name just a few.

This is great but what does this mean for businesses and what will be the benefits to you?

Your information and details about your company can be regularly updated, the social integration you can have has been completely revamped and your fans of your business page can now be approached a lot easier.

You are able to make worthwhile contacts through other reputable brands, which is going to get tougher and tougher as the years go on which is why you should be taking action now to build a connection with your fans while it is still rather easy and inexpensive.

Through the graph now you are able to search for people that have been associated with your page. People, who have spoken about your company or are seeking your services.

Facebook tends to favour business pages with a greater amount of regular content than those with sporadic updates and irrelevant content. The time is now for you to provide good content for your fans that will attract other fans, interaction with them is key to building up your following.

If you are looking for new business and customers then Facebook are starting a process where they capture and calculate how local listings are discovered and how this results in sales. The graph search will be the biggest contributor to this.

Graph Search takes the focus off keywords and instead hones in on conversational sentences such as “curry restaurants my friends like” and then finds the results from your internal Facebook network.

If you are one of those people that have their privacy settings on private then your information will be un-discoverable within the graph search.

For parents of teenagers that may be concerned about the graph search, then don’t be; Facebook have taken special measures to ensure anyone under the age of 18 is highly protected to ensure we all have peace of mind.

Facebook Graph Search is being rolled out from the beta stage now so keep an eye on your account and we’ll keep you updated too because this will have a big impact on how we all continue to use social media for our business and through our personal use.

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