The Google Glass Effect

The Google Glass Effect

star trek glasses First Google Glass, then what’s next, flying cars? Well it certainly looks possible in the not too distant future if Google has anything to do with it.

With these new technological developments, SurCo takes a peek through the Google Glass to see what we can find out about this intriguing new form of technology.

While Google GLΛSS is an exciting development in technology, it is also rather controversial at this stage because in the wrong hands it could be used in many sinister ways.

That being said, don’t all products and inventions cause concern when they first come on the market? The first Kodak camera caused great concern for the public’s privacy when it was first released in the 1800’s but just look at us now.

Ideas at Time Magazine had this to say about people’s concerns on privacy and security:

“You don’t need Google Glass to surreptitiously record something or someone. Generic-looking eyewear with hidden cameras has long been available for about $300, a fraction of Google Glass’s $1,500 price tag. Micro wireless cameras sell for about $40 on eBay, and devices like pens and MP3 players can be purchased with hidden cameras. While you would never think twice about someone wearing sunglasses or carrying a pen in their pocket, Google Glass is literally in your face. You need to say, “O.K., Glass,” and “Record a video,” or move your head in certain directions to capture anything — not exactly discreet. With the flash turned off, recording with a smartphone would be less obvious.”

So what is GLΛSS and what can you do with it?

google glass

It’s what is now known as a Head Mounted Display (or HMD) which is a computer you can wear in a glasses style format. This brings us Human Computer Interaction which is also known as a ubiquitous computer.

It basically becomes your smartphone in a wearable object. There are other products being developed on the market (not that they want us to know this) which have similar functionality but in different formats. It is rumoured that Apple is working on an iWatch!

You can control several aspects with natural voice commands, such as “take a picture” or “record a video” without even lifting a finger. Imagine; no more keyboard, no more thumb ache, or bumping into things as you try to type walking to your next meeting. Just voice activated APPS, websites, directions, right in front of your eyes.

You see everything on a tiny screen which projects onto a larger (virtual) screen.

You can see directions right in front of you. Simply speak to send a message to someone. Ask Google any question you’d usually type into the search field and the answer will appear in front of you.

The frames don’t actually have lenses at this stage but Google is considering partnerships with sunglass manufacturers, and say they will eventually work with prescription glasses too.

They come in a range of colours but it seems that this is just the beginning, so design options will no doubt be added as the product development continues.

Google now has an army of developers across the word trialling and testing the futuristic product.

Medical Daily has also reported on how GLΛSS could revolutionize medical personal healthcare.

Despite many sceptics unsure of this intriguing new technology, it is an impressive new development, and one which is set to create more advertising opportunities for businesses, taking mobile computing to the next level.

Customer service will once again become an interactive and personal experience.

This type of technology could make current technology products obsolete in years to come. Data will be accessible in real time, which means you could hold a meeting from whatever location you were in and access stats or a presentation at the same time.

Sharing information will become seamless and effortless.

Google GLΛSS are giving a whole new meaning to ‘hands free’. Imagine being able to watch an instructional video on how to bake a cake whilst baking it yourself!

Star Trek may have led the way but it looks like Google are taking us boldly into the future.

Watch this space for all the latest news on technology developments and more.