Latest CRM Enhancements

Latest CRM Enhancements

Latest CRM Enhancements helping to streamline your sales process and enhance company productivity.

At SurCo Customer feedback is very important to us. We have listened to your requirements and made some Enhancements to make SurCo CRM is even more powerful, improving your user experience helping you manage your customers and suppliers with ultimate efficiency.

  • Call Handling, logging notes, calling contacts directly from emails
  • Call Recording (directly from the contact record)
  • SMS reminders
  • Create contacts more easily
  • Quick document viewer

Our team have been busy developing SurCo CRM so it can be integrated with your telephone system so you can now make and receive phone calls directly from your screen.

When you make outbound calls the screen also provides a call note section enabling the facility to add conversation notes directly to the chosen contact record.

Making sure it is impossible for anyone to lose those all-important telephone call notes. The auto save facility also gives peace of mind your notes will not be lost.

Make contact more quickly with a new Quick Call button.

The quick call button can be seen in various places within the CRM

  • When Composing an email

  • When Viewing an email

  • Within the Listing of call notes located in the Options drop-down.

  • When viewing a Call note

  • When Listing the Documents (Only if the Document is of Call Note Type)

When clicking the Call button whilst composing an email it is worth mentioning if you have more than one recipient in the email TO : field then the call will be placed to the leading recipient i.e. the first in the list of recipients. CC and CC fields are ignored.

Another call handling enhancement is the Call Recording and Download facility

No need to install any expensive equipment or hardware!

So many companies require a call recording facility. It’s a great tool for Quality and Training purposes and also for the odd occasion when you may need to double check the call content to recall important details from the conversation.

Don’t forget to advise your customers you are recording calls for “Quality and Training “ purposes this can be done via an introductory message or a brief note on your website.

Listen or Download your Call recording by following the steps below

  • Search the Company Record for the call you want to Download

  • When you have the correct Company Record View the Company Documents

  • Select the desired Call Note Document Options button and click View

  • This will take you to the screen that details the Download Button to the far right of the Screen

  • Click the Download button to listen to the call

The Call Recordings are available on the system for a minimum of three months but can be extended.

We have improved the SMS reminder function:

Communicating with your customers by an SMS reminder system enables you to offer excellent customer service and can differentiate you from the competition.

There is a New Template for the SMS Notifications allowing a configurable canned response. This feature will help the SMS more meaningful to the contact.

e.g. “ This is a reminder about your {my_company } appointment on {date}at {time} with {created_by}. Contact us if you need to rearrange.”

Please feel free to tailor this to suit and leave the items within the curly brackets if you would like them to be pre-filled automatically when the SMS sends.

Create a Contact from the “Add Task” Screen

We have added a function that allows the ability to create a contact from the “Add Task” screen.

When adding a New Task the user can now either select an existing company and contact as before , or opt to create a new company and contact directly from this screen.

If creating a new contact you enter a name, email address and telephone / mobile number the Task will then be assigned to the new contact.

The contact also becomes a new contact within the address book for later use.

One of the popular requests was for a Quick document viewer.

You now have the facility to preview any documents by hovering the mouse over a document title in the list view. This is to enable you to quickly see the content without opening the individual documents as before. To use this function simply select Documents then View Documents from the sub menu.

We have also redeveloped the way in which email attachments are viewed within the document list and on the dashboard. When you click the little black icon

depicting the email attachments, a small properties box appears on screen showing each individual download. This allows you the option to pick and choose which attachment you would like to download.

When searching for a contact when composing a new email via the “add contact “ button in the TO:, CC:, and BCC: fields of the email, we now allow the search under company name too and show all contacts for said company.

When editing a Company there is now a new option allowing you to put said company “On Stop” this has been developed as a way of flagging a Company for non-payment or other reasons hopefully you will not to use this function often.

Email Download All function
The most recent development is the Download All attachments button.

As you can see from the image below when an email comes in that contains attachments the blue Download All button is visible.

Download all.png

Simply click the blue Download All button as indicated by the red arrow to automatically Download All attachments, or click the singular items to download selectively.

Hopefully you have found this information useful. Should you require any assistance, advice or have a telecoms integration enquiry please give our customer service team a call.

And please, remember, that your suggestions are important to us, so if you have anything to say/add please let us know.