What is an API?

What is an API?

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what is an API An API or Application Programming Interface as it’s known, is an incredible bit of software which has liberated the programming world and enables us to specify how applications and programs should interact with each other.

In the basic sense, an API is what allows you to copy and paste from one application to another. The API is like a bridge which brings the two sides together, it enables them to communicate to bring about an action.

It’s a bit like the yogurt pot phone. Without the string connecting them they’re just yogurt pots, but with the string, they become a communication tool. The API is the string, the thing that makes the two system communicate and connect.

APIs provide a shortcut to reaching the same end that would otherwise take a lot of time and money to implement. Without an API in place, you would find it extremely difficult to embed a YouTube video onto your website.

Online published APIs allow users to design an open network for sharing media and data between systems and applications. This has made content dynamic, in that it can be posted on one platform and then shared across multiple networks on the web.

All social networking platforms have APIs which developers can utilise to help their sites or networks interact with certain aspects of each networking site. For example; Google+ has an API which allows users to integrate an APP or website with their Google+ account.

Facebook APIs provide an array of different benefits to both the developer and consumer. Their APIs allows the developer to interconnect different aspects of Facebook which greatly enhances the user experience.

An API allows developers enough access to use a functionality for a specific use but doesn’t give them access to the whole kit and caboodle. That would not only be a security nightmare but also be very time consuming and costly.

We all use APIs every day, sometimes several times a day, yet so many of us don’t even know they exist.

At SurCo we have highly experienced developers who’ve not only developed our CRM system from scratch (not a small undertaking) but they also cleverly built in API functionality which enables us to nip in and out of the system making upgrades and improving functions as we go.

Our API layers allow us to do things such as connect the CRM directly with VOIP systems for handling and recording calls together with call reports and real-time dashboards, all directly from the CRM. We’ve also enabled the system (using an API) to handle credit card processing. With adding in these functions, you can manage all facets of your business within one (accessible anywhere) platform.

Utilising APIs within our CRM system allows us to ad in greater levels of automation, customisation and gives us the unlimited power to adapt to customer feedback. We can make updates in real-time which roll out to you immediately.

If you have an interest in how our CRM system can benefit your business please get in touch.

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