Celebrating Our 100th News update

Celebrating Our 100th News update

Sharing our broadcasts and keeping our customers up to date with the latest web updates for 100 news bulletins (Since 1997), we cannot believe how the time has flown!

Handling nearly £10million a year in online revenue and over £50million via our systems, on behalf of our customers is a privilege.

As an online communication company it has always been important for us to stay up to date with the latest developments.

But we felt it was also important that we share our knowledge with our clients so we all benefit from the latest information, tips, tools, products and services.

The range of services we now offer complement each other perfectly e.g. Our Managed Hosting with eCMS manages the front end of a website which is connected to our eCRM which in turn manages the data including voice (Telecoms), email, texts and social communications.

It is safe to say that things have come a long way since we first started sending out our news updates.

Here are a couple of examples of how things have changed in just 4 years!

Mobile Web

2010 was the ‘year of the mobile’ for news media, especially if you consider the iPad and other ‘tablet’ PCs as mobile devices. The social web phenomenon looks set to shift to the mobile web during 2011, given that some 85% of mobile phones to be sold in the coming year will be so-called smartphones, allowing around 70% of the world population to have internet access via the mobile network. The availability of free mobile apps via Android, iPhone and Symbian to interface with social networks such as Facebook and Twitter is increasing rapidly. Perhaps the most notable sign of things to come is News Corp’s plan to launch The Daily, an iPad-only news organization that is set to launch early 2011. Mobile users provide new challenges for site owners in terms of page design, device compatibility and ergonomics, if these massive new markets are to be tapped.

Social SEO

The focus will shift from searchable information to social and share-able information, as social media referrals close the gap on search traffic. In 2010, we saw social media usage continue to surge globally. Facebook alone gets 25% of all U.S. pageviews and roughly 10% of Internet visits. Instead of focusing on search engine optimisation (SEO), in 2011 we’ll see social media optimisation become a priority at many news organisations, as they continue to see social media sources close the gap on referrals to their sites. Are your sites making the most of social referrals, by integrating the available sharing tools?

How things have moved on in such a short space of time.

All of the news mentioned above has an impact on how we run our businesses today and even how we live our lives. At the time of reporting on it all we knew big things were happening in social media and in technology development but who knew that these brands would now be dominating the world in the way they do.

SurCo has come a long way too since our very first newsletter in 1997. We have never strayed too far from our roots but we have certainly evolved as a business which has always been to meet the requirements of our clients and make their working life an easier and more productive one.

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