Increase web conversions and sales with this New service

Increase web conversions and sales with this New service

Working with one of our partners Active Internet Marketing (UK), CRO or Conversion Rate Optimisation specialists, we are pleased to announce a new service available to help our clients increase sales.

Active Internet Marketing (UK) know the importance of getting traffic to your website, but of course, it doesn’t just stop there. So many SEO agencies seem to forget the importance of converting that traffic into sales but Active Internet Marketing (UK) have a new technology that gives them 70 times more insight than Google Analytics, and helps you turn your visitors into customers.

cro example‘CRO’ is a software that allows you to see exactly how your visitors are interacting with your website. The technology offers a wide range of mapping software’s, so you’re able to see visually the times, dates, devices and locations of your visitors as well as many other factors, like whether they are a new or returning customer. The beauty of the CRO is that it allows you to see exactly where people are clicking on your site, as well as heat, scroll and usage maps so you can make changes to your website based on fact and not just opinion.

We all know that websites have to adapt and change constantly – with website trends forever changing, and companies always having to adapt to meet their consumers needs, CRO software can be crucial to making the right decisions and increasing your revenue. Here at Active Internet Marketing (UK), we use this software on all of our clients websites and have helped them increase their conversions dramatically. We monitor all of our client’s websites and make decisions that are the best for them based on what we’ve learnt. Even something simple like altering the colour of a banner, or making the search bar more prominent can certainly all make a difference to your conversion rate.

Active Internet Marketing (UK) is unique in providing this service to SME’s. This CRO software has usually only been used by multinational companies, but Active Internet Marketing (UK) has worked closely with the developers of this software and has unprecedented access to it, meaning we now have the ability to offer this to SME’s.

We can offer of our clients the chance to have what we call an A/B split test, which means we test two versions of your webpage and see which option is most effective for you. The ‘control group’ tests Version A, whilst Version B is tested by the ‘test group’, neither user knows they’re being monitored, so it gives us a real insight into how people are interacting with your site, and what struggles they might come across.

Here at Active Internet Marketing (UK) we have seen for ourselves just how powerful the CRO software can be, and have helped some of our clients increase their sales by 300%. We don’t think this innovative software should be solely for the multinational companies, and are proud to be able to offer it SME’s.

If you’d like discuss the CRO software with us more, or start off your CRO package, give us a call on 0800 7720650.

We are also currently offering a free technical SEO report that allows you to see just how well the back end of your website is really performing, and if anything needs to be changed to help your rankings.

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