SurCo invited to Google with Creare

SurCo invited to Google with Creare

sure communication at google with creare“We don’t go online, we live online.”

We’re excited to share with you that we were recently invited to the Google office in London by Creare Communications because we work closely with Creare to further enhance the services we provide.

It was of course thrilling for us to be at Google and especially with so many digital colleagues which we very much enjoyed networking with.

The event was based around Demystifying Digital and came up with some very interesting facts…

The most sales ever in one single day online is held by Their Chinese sales totalled 9.3 billion in just that one day alone.

More than 50% of online search is now carried out on mobile devices and ad spend is expected to exceed 50% by 2018.

People tend to use multiple screens so it’s still important to ensure you’re covering all aspects of online marketing and advertising but if you’re not yet focusing a lot of attention on mobile then it’s really time to start and it’s never been more important for your website to be mobile ready.

There are 2.5billion Google Users globally – If your website is well built, mobile ready, regularly updated with relevant content, quick to load, socially connected with an easy to use interface then your website is sure to be favoured by Google.

100billion searches are conducted every month – Will it be yours or your competitor’s website that Google displays first?

15% or 6000 searches per second are new to Google e.g. unique searches never seen by Google before – Is your website capturing the attention of these fresh eyes?

International ecommerce markets are growing at a rate of 30% per annum – Do you have something to sell but aren’t yet doing so online? Now is the time to make that change.

90% of consumers use multiple screens e.g. searching for holidays via smartphone then using laptop to book – It pays to be everywhere, all of the time.

The most common search terms are migrating from ‘What’ to ‘How’ to ‘Why’ – Consumers want their questions answered. Place content on your website, blog and social media accounts that answers their questions and spikes their attention.

Here’s some wise words from Mus Jaffrey, Strategic Partner Manager at Google.

“Digital is changing how we run our day to day lives.”

“Know your customers.”

“Work with awesome Partners.” We couldn’t agree more with this one.

Creare have launched a fantastic new tool for checking the health of a website based on specific criteria.

You can check the health of your website here and see if there’s any areas which need to be improved. After reading this, you will hopefully have a better understanding of just how important it is to ensure your website is working for you and your customers.