Increasing eCommerce Conversion Rates

Increasing eCommerce Conversion Rates

Many eCommerce firms fall short when it comes to their website and increasing eCommerce conversion rates.

graph.115126.111457.153854For some, marketing is not the problem. They have no trouble in attracting web users to their home page, but encouraging them to make a purchase is another matter. For these companies, we have put together these three top tips for improving conversions:

1. Are you safe and secure? Let visitors know

There are a number of ways you can increase the trust of a visitor who reaches your e-commerce site for the first time, and a number of ways to lose it. Are you doing everything you can to engender feelings of confidence in your business? If you are a member of any industry associations, why not display the badge? The same goes for the security systems you have in place for payment – you should be displaying their badge prominently.

Also, if your web address still uses the ‘HTTP’ prefix in its URL, visitors could be seeing security warnings from their browser. Switch to ‘HTTPS’ (Hyper Text Protocol Secure) as soon as possible.

2. Exit offers

If you track a relatively large share of customers abandoning their shopping cart before purchasing items, one way to improve conversions is to introduce exit offers. You will be able to send a pop up message which makes an offer to the visitor in order to attempt to get them back on track and on the road to a purchase.

If you are faced with the choice between losing them and trying to entice them to buy one more time, what have you got to lose?

3. User experience (UX) is king

User experience is one of the key catalysts when it comes to increasing eCommerce conversions rates. A large share of internet users expect a slick and quick website experience as standard, and anything else will see them navigate away from a site. Making sure your website runs just as smoothly on mobile devices as it does on a PC or laptop helps, as will offering search functions that give the option of filters in order to find products easier. Your site should also be easily navigable, with menus and bars allowing the potential customer to switch between categories and sub categories with the minimum of effort.

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