Secure your website – improve SEO Rank!

Secure your website – improve SEO Rank!

Secure your website and improve Search Ranking with our SSL Certificate Offer!

Back in August 2014 we advised that Google were planning to reward secure (SSL) encrypted sites. They have been and continue to do so.

We are pleased to confirm that we have a more cost effective option making the choice for an SSL certificate for your site an easier one.

Google are now giving preference to websites that use encrypted HTTPS connections to transmit pages and exchange data. This change was designed to promote improved on-line security.

The official statement from Google is here

To benefit from this, websites must have an SSL certificate installed. While this sounds technical, we can do this for you.

The cost of an SSL certificate is now much less than you think from just £160.00 per annum for a Comodo EV SSL which includes setup and application/renewal by us on your behalf.

Comodo has established a global infrastructure of partners and customers from all major industries as well as a number of the leading educational institutions including BBC, Microsoft, IBM, BP, Shell, Toshiba & The University of Cambridge to name but a few.

Each SSL certificate resides on its own unique dedicated IP address, which are running out fast due to huge demand. Please be advised that these dedicated IP addresses are currently FREE but will be chargeable in the near future.

So act quickly to secure your site and improve search ranking.

Extended Validation SSL (EV EV SSL’s are the most hacker-proof certs in the industry thus are considered as the most trusted. The reason for this is because in order for you to obtain EV, we need to prove the company’s legal existence, operation history and physical existence. These kinds of certificates are impossible to fake, that’s why they get “very high assurance” grade. Also they are the only type of certificates that turn your browser’s address bar green, commonly recognised as a “safe” colour to indicate secure connection, displaying your business name clearly to show that you’re a legitimate host company. Ideal for ecommerce.

Order yours today by simply contacting us and we will get in touch with you regarding the SSL certificate options.