Online Marketing for London Morgan

Online Marketing for London Morgan

London Morgan review of Sure Communication’s Services

Here at London Morgan, we strive for excellence. From providing our customers with exceptional service to ensuring that our website is up to date, we work hard all year round to promote our Morgan Motors branch. We have been working with Sure Communication to help improve our online traffic, to boost the number of site visits we receive, and to improve the usability of our website. Thanks to their website development and search engine optimisation services, we have seen notable growth in our levels of online engagement, and we are confident that this growth will continue into the future.

Website Development
At London Morgan, image is everything. We wanted a website that exuded class and eloquence, whilst maintaining our company ethos and roots. Sure Communication listened to our needs before going away and designing us a new website based on Morgan Motors’ current website. They created our website to an impeccable standard, writing the online copy in a tone of voice that complimented the clean and elegant look.

Since the website was launched in mid-February, we have seen an overall increase in the number of people who are interacting with it. The growth has been steady, as we are still in the early stages of our time with Sure Communication, however we are extremely encouraged by the results we have seen so far.

Google Analytics Graph showing sessions

The above graph details the growth between March 2016 (the first full month our new website was live), and May 2016. As you can see, so far we have seen an increase of over 20% in the number of visitors that the London Morgan website has received. This is a really positive figure and we are excited to see how this growth continues over the coming months.

Search Engine Optimisation
Sure Communication carries out a range of search engine optimisation techniques to ensure that our website is ranking as highly as possible for our relevant keywords. This is a vital part of our online strategy, and we pay a monthly retainer so that the team continue to cultivate this growth. It is an ongoing way to aid the increase of our online conversions, as the higher our online authority, the more online conversions we have.

There are two main areas that are focused on to ensure that our online authority continues to increase over time:

Offsite SEO – Sure Communication identify all of the places that we are featured or indexed online, for example in online directories or articles, and then work through these entries, making sure that all of our details (i.e. name, address, phone number, opening hours) are exactly the same across the internet. By making sure that all of our information is streamlined customers know exactly how to contact us and search engines trust our information and index us correctly, which is vital.

In the months that we have been working with Sure Communication, 419 of our online citations have been checked and verified, proving the processes worth.

Onsite SEO – With regards to our onsite SEO strategy, there are several different areas that have been focused on to promote online growth and engagement. Initially, in-depth keyword research was carried out to make sure that all of the copy on our website was optimised to rank well on search engines. This copy was written by Sure Communication’s team of content specialists, so it not only fulfils our SEO needs but also reflects the London Morgan tone of voice.

They regularly check annual trends to specify which keywords should be the focus of campaigns and content throughout the year. Working together, we devised a list of blog post titles that we felt would shine light on the benefits of owning a Morgan, as well as helping our website to rank for our specific keywords. You can see examples of these blog posts on our website, and examples of the titles are listed below:

  • How to Clean Your Morgan Motor
  • Top 5 Summer Events for Morgan Cars
  • London Morgan: A Car Company which Embraces the Arts in its Philosophy
  • Cleaning Your Morgan Motor Car
  • A Look Inside the Car Wood shop of Morgan Motors
  • The Four Best Driving Roads in the World

Google Keyword TrackingKeyword Tracking
Sure Communication has greatly enhanced our search engine ranking positions for a number of our specific keywords.

They started by analysing our data and working out which keywords would be the best ones to target for our specific demographic. After optimising our website so that the individual pages rank for the correct keywords, they used specialist software to track the growth of our pages, detailing where they stand in search engine results.

As you can see from the table on the left, our keyword results now place us in the top three positions on Google, with our pages either climbing or maintaining their position over time.

These fantastic results are all thanks to the dedicated team of SEO experts running our account and their detailed and professional strategies. We hope that these improvements will continue to boost our online conversion rates.

We are in position 1 for a number of our keywords, and this is something that we have only achieved thanks to our ongoing search engine optimisation retainer.

Google Search Results

Social Media Management
Sure Communication has also been managing our social media platforms, ensuring that the London Morgan message is maintained throughout our posts. We have noticed significant growth in both our Facebook page likes and our Twitter followers in the months that Sure Communication have been executing our posts. On Twitter, we have seen an 8.6% increase in our number of followers, having a total of 773 followers confirmed as of the 1st of July 2016.

Our Facebook page has also seen a surge in traffic, with a huge 50% increase in our number of page likes. This growth would not have been possible without the dedication and careful strategising of the team at Sure Communication.

Overall, we have seen a substantial increase in our level of online traffic thanks to the web development and search engine optimisation work that has been undertaken for us. Our new website looks stunning and fully reflects the London Morgan image.

The work carried out for us on a month by month basis has already begun to prove its worth, with our online rankings improving continuously.

We are extremely thankful to Sure Communication for all of their continued hard work, and we are looking forward to continuing the work into the future.

Anthony Barrell
Brand Director