New enquiries and customers from Google and Facebook Ads

New enquiries and customers from Google and Facebook Ads

Did you know that Google and Facebook Ads haGoogle and Facebook Adsve the ability to significantly increase the amount of new enquiries and customers coming into your business?

If so, you may also know these platforms can spend lots of marketing budget without giving anything in return. To get the best possible results they must be set up, managed and maintained correctly.

Starting with Google Ads, there are fewer ‘warmer’ prospects than those who are going onto Google and actively searching for the product or service you provide. Right now, this very minute, people are searching and if you are not advertising on Google Ads, securing a guaranteed position in the top 4 spots, your competitors will win the business.

Google is clever enough to show your Ads UK wide or to a single postcode. You choose in which location your Ads show. People outside of the location(s) you specify will not see your Ads or be able to cost you any ‘click spend’.

A huge part of Google Ads nowadays is the ‘remarketing’ functionality they have, where they give advertisers the option of following their previous website visitors with professionally created, branded banners Ads as they browse the internet.

There are millions of sites your branded banners could show on, from the homepage of the Times online, to eBay and everything in between. Remarketing makes it look like your company are ‘everywhere’ which massively increases credibility and authority in the marketplace, but it doesn’t cost a fortune, it is actually quite cheap!

Facebook Ads are very different. Advertising there means using demographic, interest and location targeting options to best identify prospects, then advertise to them.

As an example, if you have a sports car dealership in Wiltshire and know your typical customer is a man aged 35+ with an interest in cars, who earns over 75k per annum and lives within 40 miles of your dealership, you can use Facebook to show your Ads only to men fitting that age, income, interest and location customer profile.

Facebook also have remarketing functionality. It cannot provide the same depth of visibility as Google Ads, through the millions of sites in the Google Display Network, but it does work fantastically well cross-device.

So, a prospect can come to your website, from any source of traffic on their work PC at lunchtime, then see your Ad in their Facebook newsfeed on their mobile device on the way home, then again on their laptop or tablet as they are sat in front of the TV that evening. Powerful stuff.

By setting up ‘conversion tracking’ first, then running your Ads on both Google and Facebook, you will be able to see the exact number of enquiries or sales you are getting in return for your spend. That is the best thing about digital marketing, done properly, every penny is measurable and quantifiable.

To really succeed on these platforms, you need to outsource the setup and monthly optimisation work to specialists. It would be a false economy doing anything else, as a specialist will quickly pay for themselves in new enquiries and customers… whilst doing all the hard work for you.

We have recently teamed up with a fantastic company who specialises in Google & Facebook Ads.

They are not a ‘jack of all trades’ agency offering everything from websites to marketing, they only manage Google & Facebook Ad accounts and we would strongly recommend talking to the guys there if you are not currently capitalising on the opportunities available on these amazingly targeted platforms.

Even if you are already running Google or Facebook Ads they can help too, they provide a free, independent ‘Performance Review’ to identify how well your current activity is performing and what can be done to increase new customer volumes… without increasing your click spend.

The company I am referring to is Pixal Ltd ( If you prefer to call, ask for Steve, he can be reached on 01420 40 80 54 or