Benefits of VoIP CRM Integration

Benefits of VoIP CRM Integration

Benefits of VoIP CRM Integration VoIP integration with CRM platforms is by no means a new concept but it is an increasingly developing one as more businesses are starting to understand the wealth of benefits this system can bring to their operations.

Perhaps the greatest benefit of VoIP integration is incoming caller ID notifications which enable the call receiver to provide the greatest level of customer service possible.

Because the receiver is aware of exactly who is calling and has the ability to view the contacts details at the click of a button, everything is available, ready to provide the highest level of customer service available with a very personal greeting.

The service can be utilised via all smart devices including mobile phones and tablets because you can access the CRM and VoIP calling features wherever and whenever required. All manner of communication are automatically stored within the client log whether that be via VoIP call, email or messenger. All calls are recorded and stored on the CRM and in file format which only goes to further enhance the sales and customer service standards.

VoIP integration with your CRM system allows users to work from within one simple to use platform rather than having to work from a desktop phone with multiple windows or software applications open at once. Gone are the days when a caller remains on hold while the received ‘finds their details’. Now with this sophisticated level of integration the caller can be addressed on a more efficient and personal level without having to listen to annoying hold music or passed from pillar to post.

Key Benefits of VoIP CRM Integration:

> Make and receive calls from within your CRM panel

> Incoming caller ID notifications

> Detailed call log

> Direct dial via number or click to call

> Record and save calls

Because the system is intuitive, the second a call comes in from a recognised number, all the relevant account details are made available ready for the call receiver to jump into action. To personally greet a caller when you answer the phone adds a very special touch to your client or customer’s experience.

Securing clients and maintaining client communication is clearly paramount for any successful sales team, and these processes can all be carried out with more efficiency using a VoIP system that’s integrated with a CRM platform.

Conference calls can be carried out with ease using a VoIP system too which saves on purchasing expensive equipment which is yet another cost saving benefit of the Voice over Internet Protocol system.

Here’s what one of our valued clients has to say about our VoIP CRM integration:

“We are really pleased with the way the new VoIP system has integrated so smoothly with the SurCo CRM system. I wish we had done it earlier. The fact that we can display the one advertised number when making outbound calls has resolved one problem that defeated our previous VoIP supplier. One click on screen dialling and to see who is calling us makes our working lives so much easier. To also have the function where you can selectively save call recordings you wish to retain permanently into the CRM, is also a great benefit”

Helen Hunt (Operations Manager) of Melody Care Ltd

See it in action here

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