Optimistic Digital Growth in 2021

Optimistic Digital Growth in 2021

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There’s no escaping the topic of Covid-19 and the global pandemic, but we want to look at it from a different angle and look at a few stats of what’s been happening in our industry and those of our client base who not only utilise our bespoke CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system but also our web design and management services.

Businesses across the world have experienced many ups and downs during this Coronavirus outbreak, and no doubt the challenges will remain for many, as we navigate our way out of these troubling times towards a brighter future.

If you utilise a CRM system, it may come as no surprise that CRM platforms are now the biggest software market in the world. CRM’s help you streamline your business practices, help you provide phenomenal customer service and help you manage your business with everything in one place. It’s little wonder that the global value of CRM’s is currently over $80 billion and is set to expand by 14% over the next 6 years.

There is optimistic digital growth in 2021 and we’ll prove it below if you keep reading…


Marketing emails continue to be the backbone of any size business and although ‘response’ rates took a downturn in 2020, as of January 2021 they were already on the increase, and we will surely continue to see a surge in response rates now that we’re in a better position regards the battle against Covid here in the UK.

Is email marketing dead? It certainly is not! It’s more important than ever before to stay connected to your customers online and help solve their problems with your products and services.


While sales in many sectors are inevitably going to be impacted further throughout 2021 (and beyond), this has also given many businesses and industries either an opportunity to pivot or roll out their future ideas and plans much sooner. 

The UK and Europe have seen a significant fall off, however, the vaccine and the planned gradual ‘opening up’ from Lockdowns provides more hope, while the Brexit situation continues to bring further challenges for many.

Thankfully, a lot of industries (such as auto) are experts at navigating the ever wild waters of commerce and 2020 has enabled many companies to reposition themselves and despite challenges, the next decade will actually be one of growth.

So, it’s far from all doom and gloom and we will rise once more.

Despite making great progress, self-drive and autonomous vehicles are still in development, but what is set to explode in 2021 and beyond is the electric movement and digital sales, as governments put a squeeze on manufacturers with deadlines.

Of all industries, the automotive one is going to be a great fascination as the technologies continue to develop… watch this space.


2020 was the year the world went online, in some cases, not through choice but rather necessity. We have said for many years now, how important it is to have an online presence, especially for those who have a ‘bricks and mortar’ business. 

As a website development and design business with a specialism in eCommerce and CRM, we have seen an increase in the need for these services over the past year like no other before. 

Thankfully for our existing clients such as Morgan Motor Company have been ahead of the game for a long time and reaped the rewards from making online moves to not only reach a wider audience but to be able to provide the next-level outstanding customer service they’re famed for.

Morgan has always been a trendsetter and had online car design capabilities for many years, with a dealership locator and the ability to register interest to buy, all options other car manufacturers and sales outlets frantically started to roll out in 2020. It looks like eCommerce is therefore even more important in 2021 than ever before.

Here are some stats:

  • Almost 50% of all purchases are now done online. 
  • Over 2 billion people are expected to make their purchases online in 2021.
  • Over 30% of all online sales take place on a mobile device.
  • eCommerce sales are predicted to reach almost $5 trillion in 2021.

Website & SEO

We love stats and assume you do too, so here are some impressive ones:

  • Chrome (Google) is still the mothership when it comes to internet browsers.
  • Android (Google) is the most used internet access provider and over 4 billion mobile users worldwide. 
  • Over half of Google searches take place via a mobile phone. 
  • The average adult spends over 4 hours of their day on their mobile device. 
  • Google Play (Google!) has the most APPs in their store. 
  • It is estimated that mobile apps are likely to generate almost $6 billion worldwide in 2021.
  • The most popular search engine in 2021 is a little company we’ve never mentioned and you’ve probably never heard of… They’re called Google, and over 90% of searches are performed through them. We’re confident there’s no way you would have ever guessed that info if we hadn’t told you! Bing (who?) is the second. 
  • Almost 70% of website traffic comes from search engines, this proves that SEO is still hugely important for your brand positioning. 
  • There are over 7 billion searches performed every day on Google and websites are now indexed using Googles mobile-first algorithm. 
  • Display ads, paid search and social media ads are the most popular and all provide the greatest ROI.

With over 4 billion people (out of over 7 billion) now online, it’s a case of getting on board the digital train or being left behind… because it has well and truly left the station.

If your website could do with being brought up to 2021 standards or you need a user-friendly eCommerce website or you want to vastly enhance your business efficiency and improve customer retention, get in touch with us to trial our bespoke and intuitive CRM system free for 30 days.

We’ve been helping companies of all shapes and sizes do better business online since 1997, we’d love to help you do the same, contact us today and let’s discuss how.

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