ChatGPT is a digital content game changer

OpenAI ChatGPT digital content game changer

ChatGPT is a digital content game changer

OpenAI ChatGPT digital content game changerMany people think that ChatGPT is a digital game changer, and some think it’s the end of the world. 

The truth is likely to be somewhere in the middle, depending on how it all plays out over the coming months.

What is ChatGPT, AI alchemy?

Well, we did mention it in our latest blog, Is email marketing still effective in 2023? But we’ll dive a little deeper into this fascinating subject this time round.

ChatGPT is changing everything

This latest tech is developed with artificial intelligence (AI) software that can process natural language like a human!

The OpenAI developers (among others) have taken chatbot technology and given it steroids.

The tech is now so advanced that it can follow procedures and provide results using human like language technology.

This means that it can help with content tasks like writing emails, essays, blogs, web pages, and even web code!

Currently, a user can speak or write any question, or request a topic, and ChatGPT will understand what is required and produce the written content, which is highly accurate; as if a human has written it themselves.

Where it stands out is its ability to provide sophisticated written content in seconds. It can take humans (sometimes several) hours of research, planning, writing, and editing to produce the same types of content.

Thankfully, for most people who work with digital content, a human is still very much required, even when using ChatGPT.

The software has its limitations and can easily become confused if you ask too much of it, your requests are too complicated or too current.

ChatGPT has just upgraded the programme from GPT-3 to GPT-4. The next level of development will see it move to GPT-5. Only time will tell what that will be capable of!

OpenAI has now launched a paid subscription called ChatGPT Pro which provides users added benefits including faster loading times and the latest advances in their technology.

It’s a moving beast, so upgrading makes sense to fully utilise the platform’s capabilities. £16 a month is a reasonable starting point.

There is a free version, for now.

How will ChatGPT change business?

Changes are happening with technology and business at breakneck speed. It’s our mission to ensure our clients know about and use the best ones on the market. 

Here at SurCo, we take great pride in integrating the latest business enhancing tools into our client’s systems, providing training and support along the way.

Our bespoke developed CRM system is already using AI, and automation has been a feature for many years.

We use the latest tech that is tried and tested. We also use it ethically and respectfully. Not everyone may have those principles when it comes to harnessing the power of AI as it progresses at an alarming rate!

Greater benefits are coming, and every type of business needs to be ready.

AI will help enhance the following:

  • Customer service automation
  • Analysis and reporting
  • Data processing
  • Sales and marketing
  • Research and sourcing
  • Translation
  • Content production

Remember when companies said ‘I don’t need a website’ later realised that if they wanted to survive, they indeed did!

Businesses that refuse to move with these rapidly evolving times will gradually fall by the wayside. Just as so many have in recent years.

Have we reached the point of no return?

In January, we reported that 2023 might be the ‘birth period’ of when we would no longer need to do things for ourselves. It would seem we were right.

Artificial Intelligent computers are now capable of completing complex processes that can help drive business growth.

According to some, ‘the point of no return’ is not that far away. 

Some people predict that “technological singularity” (the point where AI exceeds human intelligence) is possible within the next Decade! Others suggest it is likely by 2045.

The truth really depends on where the chips fall in this rapidly moving game of tech roulette.

This is all so new age

There’s been software like this around for years, but never possessing this level of sophistication.

The reason ChatGPT is considered by those of us in the digital tech world as something remarkable is that it’s more accurate and intuitive than anything we’ve seen before.

Is it going to render developers and content experts out of a job? 

Not in the short to medium term, and not if it’s rolled out gradually and also regulated.

But there are some very serious concerns about the speed at which AI technology is progressing. 

There’s a ‘runaway train’ fear setting in

There have always been fears over new technologies. But the tech itself is useless without human innovation and continued management.

It’s human control and desire which should be the cause for concern. This is why some of those closest to AI development are expressing their apprehension about its rapid development.

Some behemoths in the tech industry (including Wozniak and Musk) have written an open letter asking for AI labs to hit the pause button for several months.

It may be fair to assume this is to assess the short, medium, and long term impact this tech would have on those who work in digital industries, and the wider impact.

The request to pause may also be to understand if regulation is required to ensure AI tech enhances the workforce instead of destroying it.

Italy has also taken the step to ban the use of ChatGPT in their country. This was over data privacy concerns under the protection of GDPR.

Several European countries are thought to have raised concerns about the platform, and ChatGPT is already banned in other countries across the world.

The profitable race to corner the market by companies such as Microsoft, Google and OpenAI is happening at an alarming pace.

This is such a hot topic that Goldman Sachs has even produced a recent report which suggests that 300m full time jobs could be vulnerable. 

However, the report also suggests that it could increase labour productivity and “eventually increase annual global GDP by 7%.”

This outcome is only possible if the humans responsible refrain from speed and greed and instead opt for steady growth, enhancement, and sustainability of existing practices.

It was recently reported that Geoffrey Hinton, known as the ‘godfather of AI,’ left his position at Google. Mr Hinton reportedly stated that he now regretted his work developing AI, according to the New York Times.

Mr Hinton is said to have told the BBC some of the dangers of AI chatbots were “quite scary”. “Right now, they’re not more intelligent than us, as far as I can tell. But I think they soon may be.”

Digital game changer or cyborg horror story?

It’s alive! It’s alive!

Truthfully, in the wrong hands, this could all become very dangerous! So can everything else in this world.

The ability for machines to make decisions independent of human input is honestly some way off. No one can truly predict when this considered outcome is likely.

In the meantime, our species will continue to develop and harness tech capabilities, so it can help enhance ours.

As this hot topic evolves, we’ll keep our finger on the pulse and continue to report on it. So, our clients know what’s happening in the world of tech and how we can help them harness its powers.