IT audits helping safeguard assets

IT audits helping safeguard assets

IT audits helping safeguard assets

IT audits helping safeguard assets There is no denying the impact technology and data have on business. They are the backbone of companies we interact with daily. This is why IT audits are now vital for every type of organisation.

Virtually every business process is influenced by tech and software, and these areas are experiencing rapid advances. Protecting assets from security threats and knowing their value has never been more vital.

IT audits help safeguard corporate assets by providing a real-time breakdown of the company’s IT infrastructure and systems. This knowledge can help inform policies and procedures.

Knowing which systems and assets are enhancing the company and which ones are outdated or defunct is smart. Because taking stock and keeping track is great for efficiency and profitability.

IT audits help companies establish security protocols, manage effectiveness, manage risk, maintain legal and regulatory compliance, and retain standards.

Auditing tools like Audit Aid can help businesses manage assets for projects such as office moves, and inform where data is stored in the event of a cyber attack.

Unlike Discovery Software, Audit Aid provides the big picture when it comes to protecting corporate assets and systems.

What is discovery software?

Discovery software audits the devices connected to the company network. This will include items such as PCs, printers, phones, CCTV, and any other typical tech. 

A report is then produced to provide details such as type, make, and model. It may even include the serial number when someone last logged onto the device and the operating system details.

There’s no doubt all of this information is handy to have, but it doesn’t even scratch the surface of what’s possible with Audit Aid.

The Limitations of Discovery Software

Discovery software has many limitations worth noting when considering which IT audit tool to use.

Points to consider for discovery software:

  • It won’t know if a device is off. Could inform when it was last active on the network, who knows where the device could be?
  • It cannot detect devices disconnected from the network, such as monitors, desks, chairs, or other physical assets
  • Won’t know the physical location of the device (only the network that it is connected to)
  • May or may not be able to inform who a device was allocated to. Could provide the last login details, perhaps?
  • Won’t offer purchase information about a device, such as cost and warranty length
  • Is limited to what it can see

The benefits of IT Audits

Audit Aid takes a holistic approach when it comes to IT asset management. Taking a top-down view of an organisation allows for deeper insight and greater control.

Audit Aid will:

  • Review the locations
  • How many people within those locations
  • How many assets and who they are assigned to
  • Consider location variations, such as remote working and mobile
  • Review duplicate external assets

Audit Aid can detect more, including:

  • Monitors
  • Printers
  • Scanners

This level of insight helps businesses know where and when assets are in use and when they are available for allocating to other users.

The sophisticated IT audit software can record every detail, including:

  • The purchase order of a new asset
  • Delivery details
  • Transaction details
  • Warranty length
  • User allocation data
  • Relocation of asset
  • Disposal of assets (repurposed, sold, donated, recycled)

Audit Aid adds financial value by giving each company full knowledge and control over every asset. 

Every user can see in real-time:

  • Amount of assets in stock
  • Their age (depreciated value)
  • Purchase value
  • Which assets are in use/spare and by the user
  • Which assets need repairing/replacing

This places a financial value on each asset and allows for budget control.

With everything accounted for, asset management is easier than ever.

Companies can request that users audit the equipment allocated to them. Knowing that the company controls this information reduces the risk that assets will go missing, be stolen, or remain with ex-employees.

Audit Aid also tracks physical addresses, office locations, desk numbers, and the location of assets stored in a data centre. 

Discover unlimited asset management control

Auditing IT equipment and business assets using Audit Aid is thorough and yet easy. All types of businesses and organisations can benefit.

Audit Aid sends users a monthly report that includes real-time information on:

  • Warranty Renewal
  • Depreciation reduction
  • Tax savings
  • Reducing loss and theft
  • Accurate insurance information for claims and quotes
  • Purchasing cost reduction

As we specialise in bespoke eCommerce sites and CRM systems, we know how vital managing and maintaining company assets are.

After all, they require significant initial and ongoing investment. So, it makes business sense to monitor and manage these investments. 

Please contact us here at Sure Communication to discuss how IT auditing and management could enhance your business.