SurCo CRM and Sales Portal in full force

Morgan Motor Company and SurCo CRM

SurCo CRM and Sales Portal in full force

One of our proudest achievements in the last 27 years in business, is seeing our bespoke developed SurCo Sales CRM and Portal in full force.

We’ve developed this platform around our client’s needs. The user needs are King/Queen, after all.

The online Global Dealer Sales Portal we created for the Morgan Motor Company seamlessly integrates with our SurCo CRM and their Enterprise Resource Planning System (ERP).

The goal was to amalgamate ten separate systems and data silos into two, main systems being the ERP (Factory production system) and Dealer Sales Portal. The portal includes factory users and dealerships worldwide and even more bespoke additional functions such as those outlined below and is in continual development offering further efficiencies and cost savings.

SurCo Sales CRM and Portal benefits

  • Improved communication between the factory and dealer network
  • More efficient systems and processes
  • Real-time reporting
  • Increased sales response
  • Improved customer service
  • Improved car and parts stock availability reporting
  • Enhanced ordering and staged specifications
  • Website Car Configuration so prospective customers can create a Morgan car and submit it to a dealer for a quotation
  • Increased efficiency for warranty claims
  • Faster export processes with electronic Certificate of Conformity submissions (COC)
  • Integration with external systems, for example, ERP, COC and Vehicle Diagnostics from engine manufacturers

The integration and changes are now saving well over 3600 hours per year by removing any re-keying of data for car and parts orders, warranty claims and COC.

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