Give Your Customers the Quick Buy Option

Give Your Customers the Quick Buy Option

happy shopping with quick buyRepeatedly having to type in your payment details can become a chore for most people, so using a quick buy option is an ideal way to help your consumers pay for their purchase quickly and with little effort.

QuickBuy® is a purchasing software plug-in for ecommerce websites which makes it easier for repeat payments to be made by the consumer in just one click.

Ecommerce retail websites such as Amazon have been using software like QuickBuy® for many years and when you have sales worth over $65 million dollars a day then you understand the power of this type of software.

If you can offer the same customized functionality as the major international online retailers then why wouldn’t you?

Giving your consumers the quick buy option enables you to provide them with an additional service.

One of the biggest issues consumers face these days is time and the fact that they don’t have enough of it. Providing the quick buy option saves the consumer time and they will thank you for that by remaining a loyal customer.

The QuickBuy® software interfaces directly with (Professional Payment gateway), which allows the customer to skip the re-entering of card details and pay for their purchase quickly, with minimal effort and the reassurance of PCI compliant security status with

The customer’s payment details are stored securely on PayPoint servers, and never on the same server as the QuickBuy® software. QuickBuy® uses the latest API technology and has been extensively tested with because security is paramount.

Saving your customers time by providing the quick buy option helps to reduce shopping cart drop-outs which is a major headache for many online retailers. You can increase conversion and revenue by making life easier for you consumer.

QuickBuy® comes as a simple plug-in and is very easy to install, although support is also available should you need it.

QuickBuy® works with because they are a leading online payments provider and offer secure online payment solutions.

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The best way to retain consumers is to help make their life simpler in any way you can. If your customer has to repeatedly put in their payment details every time they want to make a purchase from your website they may find an alternative website to yours who do offer a simpler payment option.

The solution is to streamline the way you do things and make life simpler for your website visitors. If you can do that, you may just have a customer for life.

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