The Freedom to Grow with a CRM

The Freedom to Grow with a CRM

CRM Growing your business can be challenging at the best of times but in the current climate, for many it is a very steep climb. There are of course many ways to make the journey a whole lot easier and one of those is to ensure you have the internal infrastructure in place to enable you to work on your business instead of working in it.

With too many systems and too much time spent on managing and maintaining those systems, one can often be found chasing one’s tail instead of moving forward.

Using a CRM system to help manage workflow consistently, is the best way to ensure you have the time and ability to focus on business development.

A CRM gives you the freedom to react to sales enquiries, engage with customers, nurture staff development, develop new products and services, and access sales data anywhere/anytime. In fact a cloud based Customer Relationship Management system is utterly liberating because it allows you to simplify the processes without simplifying the results.

With the number of users of our online CRM approaching 200, we understand what businesses need from such a system and continue to develop the platform whilst working with our valued customers so we can enable them to work on their business to grow and flourish.

By utilising our own in-house developed CRM platform we’re able to ‘put our money where our mouth is’ because this essential business tool has enabled us to go from strength to strength even in this fluctuating economy.

We have ensured that the system is easy to use, responsive, intuitive and adaptive.

A CRM should make running your business easier, not add to the challenges of your working day.

Gaining customer feedback is essential to our ongoing development of the platform and so is the way in which we communicate updates and changes to our clients’. This is why we have a ‘Latest News’ section so users can keep up to date with the latest additions and developments.

Feedback has told us that many companies are frustrated with the latest software upgrades to Windows, because the functionality has changed so dramatically it can make using it more time consuming (especially when trying to view documents). By providing a preview window for documents in the CRM we provide quick access saving valuable time.

Produce multiple PDF versions of your documents with the tick of a box and the click of a button.

Predictive email search is another time saving essential when it comes to utilising a CRM, as is the ability to create a new company contact in an existing company. Your CRM is designed to make simple tasks like this take a matter of seconds to complete, freeing you up to focus on more tasks that bring you more profits.

Of course when you do run into snags with any system there needs to be a quick and easy to use helpdesk ticket system so you can log an issue and have the ability to monitor its progress until resolved.

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