Morgan Motor Company Bespoke CRM

Morgan Motor Company Bespoke CRM

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morgan motor company Here at Sure Communication we truly value the relationship we have developed with all of our esteemed client’s over the years, and we are proud to be working with the “Morgan Motor Company” among other respected brands.

We custom designed our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system for the Morgan Motor Company to significantly enhance their current lead management and reporting processes across the whole dealership network. This was developed within a ‘dealer portal’ which includes users at the factory and almost 70 dealerships worldwide with the additional function as outlined below.

The focus with this bespoke CRM system was usability; with the scale of the CRM users and short time frame for roll out, it was important that we developed the platform to meet all the vital area’s specific to the operational needs of the factory and dealers whilst keeping it easy to use.

MMC Dealer Portal

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The interface we have created for the group is clearly defined with a colour coded dashboard to highlight the important sections and statistics required for quick access by those using the system.

These include such subjects such as ‘Lead and Website statistics’, ‘Recent leads’, ‘Lead status’, ‘Dealer News’ and ‘Orders’.

The Toolbar on the homepage includes a range of tabs with drop-downs specific to the group which includes sections such as ‘Parts’.

If there are outstanding leads to be followed up or task reminders, a light-box will appear with an action command which provides options to act there and then or ‘snooze’ for later.

The CRM system is also linked in with external platforms specific to the dealerships needs, providing secure login to selected staff members.

With an inbuilt address book, the ability to place contacts into named groups and bulk email selected groups makes external communication and customer service a simple task.

Dealers can see their cars on the production line at various stages and documents can be saved to the platform with ease, making them easily accessible for everyone within the group. The Marketing Tools drop down has sections to enable easy access to marketing materials both online and offline.

Under the Resources tab we’ve built in drop-downs for easy access to vital information;

  • Dealer news
  • Price Lists
  • New Parts Bulletins
  • Image Library
  • Forum
  • Engineering Change Request

Having everything it takes to not only run your business but maintain and develop it at your fingertips is invaluable.

Also built into every CRM system we develop for our clients’ is a Help section which includes a ticket support system to assist with any technical issues or usability barriers one might experience in the initial stages. We also provide a general help PDF document to get you started, and video tutorials which go into detail on the different sections required to successfully utilise the CRM system.

We worked closely with the Morgan Motor Company to develop their bespoke CRM system, to ensure every part of it was an invaluable tool that would help them to continue driving their business forward (pun intended).

Steve Morris (MD) had this to say “We have been very impressed with Sure Communication in the way they have worked with us to create and develop systems used both internally within the business and externally throughout our global dealer network. Their flexibility in meeting the demands of an ever changing business environment has been outstanding. We look forward to continuing to work with Sure Communication in the future.”

If you’d like to test drive our CRM system for yourself then please get in touch to book your free trial.

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