Adapt to Flexible Working Laws with a web based CRM

Adapt to Flexible Working Laws with a web based CRM

Flexible Working Laws Cloud CRM On the 30th June 2014 changes will become affective to the Flexible Working Regulations which means that all employees who have completed more than 26 weeks’ continuous service will be legally entitled to request flexible working and employers will be required to consider all requests in a reasonable manner.

This will of course be a welcome change for many employees but will undoubtedly be a cause of concern for many business owners who are unsure of how to implement this benefit to their employees without it having a detrimental affect on their business.

There is evidence to suggest that flexible working makes employees more productive and those who enjoy this benefit often have greater job satisfaction and work/life balance. Did we mention they’re more productive?

Part time, flexi time, job shares, working from home and working remotely are all requests which staff can put forth to their employers. Some businesses have embraced this flexible way of working a long time ago due to the constant shifts in the economy in recent years. In order to stay afloat, some businesses haven’t had a choice.

Due to these flexible changes in working, companies have sought out new systems which help them remain efficient and productive even when staff are off the premises. The solution to handling the changes to flexible working laws is to implement a Hosted or Cloud based CRM System. This system enables staff and employers to work and run the business flexibly and remotely without any loss in labour, hours and profit.

A hosted or cloud based CRM offers users the ability to access a whole suite of software in one easy to navigate platform anywhere, anytime and from any device. The CRM is liberating for many employers because they can be anywhere in the world checking on staff productivity, compiling a report and arranging a meeting with a prospect, simply and seamlessly from a mobile phone or tablet.

You and your employees no matter how many or few are able to access all your software from one functional space, including emails, appointment reminders, tasks, text messaging, reports, billing, leads/opportunities, address book among many other features and because it’s web based, you all benefit from instant, real time updates.

You can even control who has access to different sections of the CRM to ensure your staff only access the areas they require whilst you have an overview of everything that happens, as it happens. This gives you complete control over the entire system even when you or your staff are working remotely.

Other benefits to using a CRM to help you handle the changes in the Flexible Working Laws are cost savings due to utilising one platform which is hosted off site and requires no further investment once implemented.

The days of having to purchase multiple software licenses become a thing of the past.

Hosted and Cloud computing can help revolutionise businesses, especially with these new flexible working changes.

These changes to the working laws are not something any employer can avoid so it’s time to start working with staff and implement ways in which you can not only sustain but also grow your business whilst embracing the future of flexible working.