SurCo CRM VoIP Calling Integration

SurCo CRM VoIP Calling Integration

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CRM VoIP and Skype Calling Integration SurCo have introduced a really handy addition to our CRM system which greatly benefits our users and saves a lot of valuable time.

Our aim with the SurCo CRM is ensure it provides you with everything you need in one easy to use platform, so you don’t have to waste your time flitting back and forth between software and systems.

This is why we introduced something which a lot of CRM platforms don’t currently offer in such an accessible way.

We have integrated the ability to make and receive calls right from your CRM system on screen. Making a call to any one of your contacts has never been easier, you don’t even have to type in a number, you simply select the contact, click to call and start talking.

call-recordingAll of your calls will be recorded and will not only be saved in your personal CRM interface but are also available for you to download as a separate file. There’s even a note section within the call interface for you to make notes which are automatically saved to that specific call.

You can use VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) by utilising your built in speakers and mic or you can also use headsets or handsets when there is a chance of background noise. Wireless headsets also work well too.

Calls can be handled on your smartphone, so wherever you are in the world you can make, receive, record and save calls right from inside your CRM system. You can even listen to calls made by other members of your team via your smartphone while on the move.

Here’s how the calls work from within SurCo CRM:

Incoming Call

You get a visual prompt when someone calls to alert you to the fact, the system also informs you who’s calling. You can then select to Open the New Call Note, View Contact or Cancel the call.

All calls are recorded and retained upwards from 3 months and stored for access anytime right from your CRM system. The call duration is also recorded from the pick up point, you can add notes as you speak so there’s no need to have Post-It Notes stuck all over your desk and your notes are then auto-saved. You can also download the call save it.

Outgoing Call

In your contacts list, select the person you’d like to call and click the dropdown arrow to select Call. You can then choose to VoIP call and select which number you’d like to contact them on. You’ll then be connected and you can once again start recording your call and make notes in your note section on the screen.

Other benefits include the ability to send an SMS text to a contact and even send out a merged SMS to multiple contacts at once.

You can use the system to record all sales calls and use the playbacks in training staff to improve customer communication and meet compliance standards. You can keep a log of all calls made to utilise at a later date to provide a greater customer service and these can be monitored from your mobile phone.

There are endless benefits to using a calling system within a CRM, get in touch to discuss how this tool might benefit and help you develop your business further.

You can view our video which shows you how the system works from inside the CRM:

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