Not Just Another Software Package

Not Just Another Software Package

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CRM Software Package Before you even install a CRM system into your business it is vital that you create a CRM culture so everyone in the company can understand how this multi faceted business tool can be a benefit to their role, instead of a burden.

Installing a CRM is a big decision considering it can literally handle all of your software functions and remove the burden of having to regularly update software licences, costly support contracts and unreliable servers.

The initial investment in time and training is certainly worth the immense rewards to any business.

Business leaders want a system that will help them drive sales, manage the sales process and communicate more effectively with customers, whilst staff want something that will make their working life easier, save them time from having to flit from system to system and stop having to collate and present reports which just take even more time!

Regardless of how many customers you have, that one client only wants you to think about them so they expect you to know what your last conversation was about and when you had it. They expect you to be working for them and helping solve their problem, one of which is almost always lack of time. A CRM system can enable you to give this high level of personal attention to every single client and contact.

But in order for everyone to reap the rewards of having such a clever system in place, it has to be used by everyone in the most effective ways and not just used as another database.

The CRM has to be embedded into the working culture, it has to mean something to each user in order for it to become a successful sales and marketing tool.

If all CRM users are involved from the outset, then every one of them will be more encouraged to make use of the system because they will see how it can make their working life easier. This will also ensure that positive working habits are formed from the outset. The entire organisation needs to understand how the new software can not only improve their working practice but also improve the bottom line of the business.

Here’s Our Top Tips for Creating a Successful CRM Culture

– Get the buy in from the whole organisation first so every potential user sees how it will benefit their individual roles.

– Create a senior team who will have early access to the CRM so they can become ‘experts’ on the system within their business sector and can then help train their staff in best practice.

– Put in place a feedback system so once experienced, each department can suggest how the CRM might be further developed to their specific needs.

– Encourage teams to collaborate on how they can utilise the CRM system to enhance the sales process or improve customer experience.

– Set up an ideas board so that individuals or teams can post their ideas on what they would like to see and use within the system which another team might not have thought of but could benefit from.

– Provide every member of staff with the same level of training to ensure everyone is working to the same standards and understands how each relevant section works.

So you see, the CRM isn’t just another software package, it’s got the potential to be the very heart and soul of what makes your business great. Get in touch to discuss how a CRM could benefit your business.

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