CRM, Quote Engine and Classic Cars

CRM, Quote Engine and Classic Cars

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morgan classic carThrough SurCo CRM we provide the ability to supply quotes via our inbuilt quote engine in real time.

Adaptable to any industry this tool is especially helpful for our insurance and motor industry clients who require the ability to provide prospects detailed insurance proposals in seconds.

Sales teams can utilise the quote engine through selecting the required insurance package or product at the right price and deliver that proposal to the prospect or existing client via professional, branded documentation or during the call.

All data is then saved to the existing client account or the one which has automatically been created by the system.

As all details are automatically saved within the CRM, those with the access to reporting can easily collate quotes and sales reports to analyze sales performance and monitor workflow.

  • Configure quotes and send out branded proposals in seconds
  • Create a quote at the click of a single button
  • Automatically store prospects details and all associated documentation in one place
  • Combine all systems into one easy to use interface which includes security levels
  • Increase sales by improving productivity with automated systems

The ability to make real time updates provides current and accurate information to all users which is an invaluable in sales tool as time really is money. Providing your sales team with everything they need at the click of a button enables them to focus on the sale rather than the administrative tasks involved.

Providing an easy to use quote application interface for your prospects is also paramount to capturing their attention and details because it’s unlikely yours will be the only website they have open. SurCo can help you develop both the front and back end of your website, synchronizing it with your CRM and quote engine to provide your prospects with a simple, efficient and effective quoting service.

Your website can be directly linked with your quote engine, CRM, VoIP telephone system and inbuilt email which all work together in sync. This eliminates the time delay of having to move from one system to another, duplicate information, search for files in multiple places, this list goes on and we know that time can be better spent making sales and providing efficient customer service to retain clients.

As some of our valued clients are in the car insurance and motor industry we are all obviously enthusiastic to say the least about cars. This brings us onto one of our clients who we provide a full spectrum service to and that’s Morgan Motor Company. Their classic cars will be on display and in action at the annual Silverstone Classic.

You can find details about the event below.

If you would like to know more about how our CRM system and quote engine could benefit your business then please get in touch with us today.

Silverstone Classic

July 24 @ 8:00 am – July 26 @ 5:00 pm

The annual Silverstone Classic is firmly established as “The World’s Biggest Classic Motor Racing Festival”. The packed weekend event features more than 20 races covering the full glittering spectrum of motor sport history, full scale live music concerts including Status Quo, over 10,000 classic cars on display and a whole lot more. With historic Morgan race cars on track throughout the 3 days, a full Morgan car display from the factory and over 100 Morgans from the MSCC present this is a not to be missed event. More information


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