Help Your Business Grow With Email

Help Your Business Grow With Email

A CRM Email System Which Helps Business GrowWe have all experienced the scenario of emails being sent and yet they seem to disappear into the ether and then we waste valuable time trying to determine where the email has gone, contacting the sender, asking them to resend when we could just utilise the in built search feature, that’s if you have one.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Email cannot only help you become more efficient within your communication but if used in the right way, email can help your business grow by enabling you to focus less time on processes and more time on clients and sales.

You may be surprised to learn that on average an employee spends almost 50% of their work time reading, responding and locating information or advice in order to respond to emails. If however you employ a CRM which has an in built email system, this time is cut dramatically making the whole process more efficient.

But how is this possible and can a CRM with email really increase productivity?

By working within a CRM system with built in email functionality, all information is stored in just one place which makes it easy to access the information. Because the CRM has automation built in, every message and document attached with that is traceable and attainable by all the relevant people. This can reduce the time an employee is searching for information by over 30%.

This type of mutually interactive system allows employees and managers to work together more effectively and have access to the same information, documentation and knowledge base at any time of day, where ever they are in the world.

Communication and accessibility doesn’t get more powerful than that.

In this fast moving world, you need answers and information at the click of a button. Internal communication is just as important as external and if you have a virtually constant open dialogue between co-workers, client’s questions and queries can be answered much more efficiently which naturally increases productivity.

Here’s some of our top tips to better manage your email:

1) Schedule Response Time

Some emails require or demand a quick response, especially when it comes to making sales but if you allow yourself to answer every single email as it arrives you’d never get anything done! That’s why it’s good to prioritise emails with task reminders. With email inside a CRM you can quickly scan the email content, select the Task tab and create a reminder in seconds. SurCo CRM allows you to assign different task categories which highlights the messages priority and action required.

It can also be beneficial to set 30 minute reminders at allotted times in the day to deal specifically with emails.

2) Use ‘Attention Grabbing’ Subject Titles

Be concise with your meaning and get straight to the point because it will save a lot of time and confusion. Provide email subjects that help the receiver (and you) understand what the email content contains and make it easy to find for future reference.

3) Send Direct and Concise Responses

One of the quickest ways to save time and increase productivity whilst emailing is to keep the content short and sweet. Of course you want to build rapport with your recipient but you also need to keep the small talk to a minimum and convey the reason and purpose for you email in just a few words. Answer all potential questions your email may evoke so you can prevent the back and forth scenario that often occurs.

4) Be Brave and Unsubscribe

One of the most traumatic experiences with email has to be the relentless email marketing of certain organisations. You may have genuinely signed up to receive a newsletter from an interesting organisation that is going to help you improve sales or develop your customer service team, only to find you never have a second to read their emails. Make a bold decision, do you need that information or was it just something that appealed at the time? If you haven’t read or used that information within a week of receiving it then it has to go so hit unsubscribe and liberate your inbox.

“In a recent email marketing census carried out by eConsultancy, 74% of marketers said they believe email will still be one of the highest channels for delivering ROI in five years’ time.”

We hope by reading this article you have gained some insight into how managing your email in a more efficient manner and employing the right email system will help you to focus more time on managing and growing your business.

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