Top Twitter and Facebook Tips

Top Twitter and Facebook Tips

top twitter and facebook tipsDo you tweet and post? If not you’re missing out on two free marketing tools that have the potential to help your business reach hundreds and thousands of people on a local and global scale.

If you do use twitter and facebook already, are you making the most of them? Here’s our top twitter and facebook tips…

Image is Everything

Profile images or avatars will be shown as the icon in every tweet you post. Ensure your picture is correctly sized, is of you and if possible branded. People buy from people and that doesn’t change on social media. As twitter and facebook allow you to converse with people, it’s always a good idea you have a picture or you so your tweets and replies are personable.

Your cover photo needs to be equally brilliant. The cover photo is the first thing that people notice when they click onto your account. Giving people a snapshot of what your business is all about is key here. If you sell wine then a sharp image of glasses of wine would be ideal or create your own branded cover image using a tool such as photoshop or Canva.

Ensure the cover image ties in with your branding including fonts, imagery and colours.

Change this image occasionally to highlight new business information, new products or changes in season.

Your Bio is King

You have 160 characters for your twitter bio so it’s important that it stands out and gets all your information across in concise way. Describe your business, products and/or services and make it clear why your business is unique.

You have a lot more content space and areas on facebook to post information about your business so fill in each one for total optimisation but don’t make it too wordy so people can know what you’re all about at a glance.

Pin a Tweet

Get maximum exposure of your best tweet and pin it to the top of your profile.

Who Sees Your Facebook Post

Not everyone who likes your page will see your posts! Facebook decides who will see your posts which is determined by their internal algorithms. So the more interaction you have with your page and the quicker you respond to posts and enquiries from visitors, the more facebook will show the post to. Basically the more you bother with your account the more facebook will reward you for your efforts.

Verified pages get ranked higher so it’s important that you go into your page settings and ensure your page is verified.

Utilise Your Username and URL

TWITTER: @yourbusinessname is your unique identifier. Does it represent your business? Is it memorable? It needs to be 15 characters or less. If it needs changing, you can do so without losing your followers.

FACEBOOK: Your page must have a URL. If it has lots of numbers and is very long you need to chance it via the settings on your page.

Types of Tweets / Posts

Show off your expertise (share helpful tips and solve problems), use links to your blogs and use relevant quotes and snippets from your website/s. Tweets with images uploaded command a whopping 35% more engagement than those without!

You need to log into your ‘fan’ page and like other business pages which are relevant to your industry and client base. Then keep an eye on your own business page timeline (click ‘most recent’ in news feed) and like and comment on posts which are relevant. Put something worthwhile, answer a question or share something that might evoke a positive response.

People will see your business name appearing and may be interested enough to click through to your page.