Increase Productivity with a CRM

Increase Productivity with a CRM

Increase Productivity with a CRMYour CRM should help to increase sales, productivity and efficiency but are you and your team getting the most out of your CRM system or is it mainly being used as a database?

We want to ensure everyone gets the most out of their CRM system so we have put together some information that might just help you use your CRM system to its full potential.

Take Advantage of Automation

Automating each system means that your CRM takes a lot of the pressure off you and your team to do every single task yourself. Automation also helps to lower the risk of human error and enables your team to focus on providing a great service to your customer while the system manages all the menial tasks.

Having everything you need to respond in seconds to a client enquiry or query can mean the difference between making a sale or losing a client.

A good CRM can also be integrated to work with other systems which improve your workflow and process efficiency. You can integrate your accounting, payment and website software to name just a few, so the automation is taken one step further.

If you’re not utilising the automated elements of your CRM then it’s time you did!

Track Your Data

Your CRM should provide stats on every level at the click of a button and you should be able to bring up a report on any department in seconds. You can then use this data to monitor effectiveness of campaigns, improve sales targets and create marketing campaigns using the in house data and email straight from the system. When you work in real time, data is automatically updated the second anyone makes a change, therefore giving you greater control over the customer service process. Having everything at the click of a finger, anytime and anywhere can be your greatest asset.  

Keep Communication and Information Flowing

The inbuilt email system, task management system, calendar and telephone system are all in place to help you communicate internally and externally with ease. All these systems should interlink within your CRM so the lines of communication not only stay connected but open making liaising with colleagues, customers and partners a breeze.

Make the Process Simple

Create a sales process via the CRM so you remove the guess work for your sales teams. Use the task system to set reminders of the next step each salesperson has to take and save valuable time without ever missing a call back. Set reminders for follow up calls and emails to keep in close contact. Schedule in a meeting and a post meeting follow up call to ensure the prospect or client is taken care of every step of the way.

A CRM should help you develop and retain customer relationships ultimately adding to the bottom line, not just be used as a large online Rolodex.